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Why you need to push through the resistance

“Girls let’s go biking” I said.

“No, dad. It is going to rain.”, one daughter said.

“We have a couple of hours before it rains and if it does, who cares, it will be fun”, I said.

“No dad, I don’t want to bike in the rain”, the other daughter said.

“But I am tired dad”

“My legs hurt from gymnastics”

The back and forth continued ?…..

until they finally gave in and said yes. ?

So we went biking. ?

It was an incredible day.

We split donuts ? at two different donut shops. (So fun – you need to do a taste test like that!?)

We biked 11 miles, furthest the three of us have ever biked together.

We ate lunch on a patio. ?

We each saw friends while on the bike ride.

We biked all the way to where they go to school ?so that will be a fun memory.

And yes, it rained. It poured down. ???

The rain may have even been the best part.

We were laughing and screaming out loud how fun it was.

Why am I telling you this?

It was an incredible day and it started off with major pushback.

That is most often the case in all of our lives.

?? There will be resistance in the beginning.

When we want to do something fun, memorable, and impactful it will be hit with resistance.

Kids will say no.

Spouses will say no.

We may even be the ones saying no at times.

Point is, when there is strong resistance to a good idea, maybe even a God idea, pause and pray about it, and then push through.

??Don’t give up.

Truth be told, there has been plenty of times that I have given up on my kids’ resistance.

I thought, ‘Screw It. If they don’t want to do anything fun, then fine, I will just go do my own thing.’

Well, when that happens, NO ONE wins except the devil.

All good things, especially for the Kingdom, will be met with pushback.

I am so grateful I fought through the pushback this time.

??There will be resistance during the activity.

Remember, once all parties say ‘yes’ to the adventure, doesn’t mean it will be smooth sailing.

Matter of fact, be prepared to push through again and again while on the journey.

We had to stop to encourage each other.

We had to stop and drink water.

I even crashed. Full body on pavement and even had blood on my knee and elbow. ? (yes embarrassing but we have laughed so much about it since then)

Plus the donuts we brought back for Holly and Kaleb were soggy and gross by the time we got home. ?

However it was all worth it.

I can’t wait to do it again.

?? I encourage you the next time that you have an idea that will bring unity, fun, and adventure and is met with pushback – I encourage you to push through.

There is something great on the other side. ??

Thank you for reading,



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