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Looking for a speaker with
authenticity and tools
for action?


Whether it's being vulnerable and sharing lessons learned from my failures or sharing best practices from successes I have been a part of –

I leave it on the stage (or on the Zoom call😂).

One of my favorite parts of my job is speaking to audiences and sharing the insight and ideas that have helped my life, as well as my clients’ lives.

In addition to inspiration, your employees or conference attendees will leave with tools they can immediately implement at their work or home.


Topic themes:

  • Increasing leadership capacity for leaders  

  • Defining vision and values personally and for teams 

  • Identifying priorities to improve performance

  • Increase emotional intelligence and self-awareness

  • Help leaders with discipline and intentionality

  • Bring perspective and balance to help with growth

Ways to engage:

  • Keynotes – I speak on themes above, including title talks of:

  • Workshops 

    • Range from 1-hour to multiple days

    • Workshops are on the above topics

Media kit:

Thank you for your interest in having me speak to your team.

Go here to download the media kit.


What Clients Have Said

Cory spoke to the Manufacturers' Agents of Cincinnati in December 2022 and provided tremendous value to the 25 attendees. His presentation was informative, thoughtful, and kept everyone engaged. MAC definitely plans to book future engagements with him. Nicely done Cory!

Ted Clouser
PCA Technology Solutions

Cory spoke to our entire team in November of 2022. He brought energy, encouragement and authenticity to the room and I heard feedback from our team of the impact.I am thankful for his sound word and for speaking into our team. If you don’t know Cory, you should! I know I am blessed because of it.

Todd Letherer
Senior Director
Quality at Multi-Color Corporation

In the past 30 years, I've been through more presentations, personal growth strategies, approaches, and techniques than I could possibly remember. Within the first 45 minutes of hearing Cory present, I knew it would be different. Anyone who has a professional life they are trying to balance with a personal one, (all of us), can benefit from Cory's approach. Highly recommended!!

Mark Hogan

Sales Representative

CTQ Systems Ltd.

Barron Heating was blessed to spend 2 days with Cory. Great interaction, challenging content, encouraging words, and tools that will change your life and those you lead.

Thank you, Cory!

Kevin Donnelly
Vice President Project Management
REDI Cincinnati

Cory and I worked together as I transitioned to a new role in 2022. He was personable, engaging, thoughtful, and deliberate in our sessions. I greatly appreciated our time together and the learnings I walked away with. I hope to use Cory's coaching services again in the future, and would recommend him to others in need!

David Mayer
Vice President
North America Quality & Operations Excellence

 Cory’s energy, relatability, enthusiasm, and delivery had an impact on the team both individually and as a group. The focus on a larger purpose, evaluation of the current state, and immediate discussion on actions to take left the group with tangible next steps and ways to support each other daily. The team would highly recommend Cory for any coaching, team development, and motivational speaking needs you have. 

Rob Takemura
Director Of Operations
Barron Heating AC

Sydney Emrich 
National Account Executive
JB Hunt

"Cory spoke with 140+ employees inside of our organization, and the feedback was phenomenal. His message to our employees was uplifting, and encouraging us to build our personal manifesto's to gain clarity around our values and what we want in life. Would definitely recommend brining Cory to your organization to speak on his journey of Rise & Go."

Ryan Moore
Senior Vice President of Sales
Everside Health

Cory is engaging, but more than that, his words are impactful and from the heart. I can tell you that the feedback from his talk was incredibly positive. He seemed to be speaking directly to each person in the room. If you are thinking of having a speaker, I would highly recommend it.

Ian Murray
SpotOn Productions


 As a business leader myself, I needed to hear this talk on Rise and Go. Cory’s content, his vulnerability, and passion helped me to think through how I can overcome the challenges I experience as a leader. I highly recommend bringing Cory into your company to share this information as we all experience ups and downs.

Dan Calonge 
Head of Learning & Development altafiber

“Our company session went great. Received several compliments on how much the talk helped people re-calibrate their minds that are usually so focused on work performance. This is a message that should resonate with almost any leader, and Cory does a great job delivering it.”

“Cory brings an honest and holistic perspective on how important it is to have intentional priorities in all areas of life. We love bringing Cory to meet the founders in our accelerator programs because he drives home the point that there is more to life than achieving business success. ”

Jamie Duininck
Chief Operating Officer
Prinsco Inc.


"Cory Carlson delivered a powerful message for us on how if you are going to win at work it starts with winning at home first! Cory’s message and story had energy and was very relatable for all of us. If you want your team to win at work and at home I highly recommend Cory as a speaker and coach!"

Christy Johnson
Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Fritsch
Co-Founder of
Mediprenuers Summit

“Cory has just the right mix of new information, challenging questions, application, and vulnerability such that everyone can really relate to what he’s presenting and why.

 Quotes, comments, and insights from his material keep coming out each day from attendees.

Todd Albrecht
Owner & President
Perfection Group

​Ellyn Broderick
Sales Support Analyst
Harvest Group

“I really enjoyed our Enneagram deep dive on Friday! It is so helpful to have a deeper insight into ourselves and our team, and I’m excited to apply what we learned. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and talent with us!

“Cory came to my company to speak to our sales and operations team. He did an outstanding job and his message really hit home with our group. In our busy lives, it is easy for things to come out of balance. His message of the five capitals and winning at home was refreshing and timely."

Luke Dooley

“Listeners always walk away from his workshops with greater knowledge and insight into how they're forming their identities. He's an engaging speaker who knows how to connect with people on a deeper level that actually inspires and motivates the hearers to action.”

Marshall Hyzdu
President of Archbishop Moeller
High School

“Cory was engaging, vulnerable, and inspirational.  I highly recommend having Cory speak to your leadership team, because we all can lead better at home and work!”

Jen Leopold
National Account Manager 
Harvest Group

“I just wanted to thank you for the great content, discussion, and leadership at our Emotional Intelligence workshop on Friday.”

“I continue to build into myself (and others as a result) with every workshop I attend. Cory Carlson does a terrific job of engaging participants and relating the Five Capitals platform to real-world applications, both personally and professionally.

Summary – recommended and time well spent.”

“Cory gave our leadership group and our team members a motivating message that will have a lasting impact on each of us personally and our business. I highly recommend him. His style allows his message to be absorbed. He is a man of strong character that can help you or your team just like he did ours.”

“Cory was a well-prepared and engaging speaker. He had high energy, great questions and framework for guests to work through, and lots of additional complementary resources for attendees. I also really enjoyed his book “Win at Home First!“

James Bauer
Senior AVP & G.M. 
Reading Rock

Ryan Powell
Owner & Chief Operating Officer
Vision Source Eyecare

Samantha Fisher
Engagement Specialist
Thrivent Financial

 "Cory was passionate, spoke with conviction, and gave our staff tons of insights on how to not only be a better co-worker but friend, community member, parent, and/or spouse. His practical and authentic approach was relatable with our staff, regardless of what walk of life they are in. For any business manager wanting to invest into the lives of their people, I would highly recommend a seminar by Cory Carlson."

"My team and I absolutely loved hearing Cory speak about his new book Rise and Go. He showed a vulnerable side of himself by speaking about his own struggles and how he overcame them. He motivated everyone in the room by his dynamic personality and clear message of how to put his process to work for yourself. We all left wanting more and will definitely invite him back to speak again! I highly recommend connecting with Cory to see how he can help you both professionally and personally!"

"You were a great guest. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable insights! I absolutely loved your Keynote presentation to our MCM firm. I would highly advocate and encourage anyone interested in a wonderful presentation to reach out to you!"

Crystal Faulkner
Certified Public Accountant

Kyle Miller
General Manager
Berlin Gardens, LLC

Megan Dotzauer
Market Leader
COhatch Cincinnati

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