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An idea to end racism, sexual harassment, and more

“Siblings just fight.” 

“They’re just being sisters.”

“That’s just them being brothers.”

When we say those statements, we are giving our kids permission to treat their siblings like crap. 

Or ‘they are just being a teenager’ when we allow a teenager to be disrespectful to a parent. The problem with all the above is we are allowing our kids to be disrespectful to others.

What we allow, we actually approve. 

I believe the danger in allowing our kids to treat people in their own house bad, is it will pour over into other areas of their life: How they treat neighbors, teammates, coworkers, friends, strangers, someone of the opposite sex, and the list goes on.

I believe if we are going to defeat any social problem – race, the haves and have nots, social distancing, political views, sexual harassment, and the list goes on – then love and respect must first start in the home.

If we allow our kids to be disrespectful in our own house, how will they handle others outside the home?

My house is far from perfect.

  • Yes, my kids fight.

  • Yes, my kids can be disrespectful to each other.

  • Yes, my kids can talk back to us.

  • Yes, I can get mad.

However, we work hard to stop it immediately.

Last night I looked out the window and saw this moment. Our 3 kids still enjoying each other on a Sunday night after a long and fun ‘Family Camp’ weekend. This is the result of years of making them say sorry when they are rude.

Having them forgive when they have been wronged. If we are to love others, we need to make sure we are teaching love inside our very own home. Let’s all continue to work hard to make sure our kids are treating their siblings (and us) as we would hope they would treat others.

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