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Why you may not be in a season of growth

Finding information to grow is easy. It is everywhere. Millions of books have been written, tons of podcasts available, inspirational videos at our fingertips. Mentors and coaches are plentiful.

However actual growth is not as common. Why?

  • Growth takes time.

  • Growth takes effort.

  • Risks need to be taken.

  • Failures will happen.

  • Embarrassment is likely at times.

  • Humility is needed.

  • Money is required.

If you don’t invest the time, energy, or money, then you will not grow. If we want better results, then we need to have better actions. If we want better lag indicators, we need better lead indicators.

Are you making the right choices and investments into your life today for a better tomorrow?

The below text is from a business owner who was stuck. The old saying ‘what got me here, won’t get me there’. So a friend referred this business owner to me. Now this owner is seeing different results!


However, it is because he changed his inputs and actions in order to get better results.

Do you need to grow this season?

Let’s do it! Take action.

Thank you for reading,


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