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Why wasn’t it on the list?

I have to share with you a recent phenomenon in my conversations with family, friends, and clients over the last few days.

For my friends in the US, we just celebrated Thanksgiving this past weekend. For those outside of the US, although you don’t technically celebrate it as a holiday, you are most likely aware of this tradition.

This holiday is all about gratitude. The areas of your life that you are thankful for.

In a previous post, “Are you really thankful”, I encouraged people to write down items they are thankful for, instead of just saying them. Reason being, is we reach greater depths of gratitude when we sit and reflect on what we are grateful for.

If you are looking for a great framework or prompting questions to reflect on, the church I attend, Crossroads, presented the below questions to consider:

  1. People – who in your life are your grateful for?

  2. Places – where have you been physically or mentally this past year?

  3. Pruning – what did you cut out this year you are thankful for?

  4. Provision – what has happened this past year, or given to you, that you are grateful for?

So, what is the phenomenon I am talking about?

Yes, people are grateful for what has happened in their life in 2018, but I have had numerous conversations where people were surprised, even disappointed, by what was not on the list.

  1. One client was surprised her parents were not on the list.

  2. A friend realized that he was not mentoring anybody.

  3. A close family member was disappointed there were no big breakthroughs this year

The beautiful thing about realizing something is missing from the 2018 gratitude list, is you can recalibrate and take action!

2019 can be the year that you make sure that item is on the list!

If there is something that was not on your list, and you want it to be – then you need to start taking actions today.

  1. You want a friend or your parents on the list next year, start increasing the frequency of talking to them.

  2. Go get a mentee or a mentor if you don’t have one! Once you are open to finding one, options will start to appear.

  3. If your past year felt too comfortable, start being bolder. Take a step out of the boat. Write. Speak. Make the videos.

I encourage you to write out your gratitude list because it is important by itself.

Once that is done, review your list to see if you are bothered by any omissions.

If so, don’t beat yourself up, just start taking steps to better results.

Thank you for reading.


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*Photo by Ken Treloar on Unsplash


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