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Do you need help getting out of a rut?

This post may be for you if you are the provider for your family? Or are you an over-achiever? Maybe you are an Enneagram 3 like myself?

If so, then this post may resonate with you during COVID-19.

I have enjoyed most of these days being quarantined – but I recently had a bad couple days.

The irony is I am not supposed to have down days since I make a living encouraging and challenging business leaders to grow – however it caught up to me over the weekend.

With the coronavirus lockdown, my March revenue is down, speaking trips canceled, prospect meetings postponed, plus as an extrovert, I get energy from engaging with others in person – not just on Zoom!

As an encouragement to others, I posted a video on social media yesterday that generated a lot of comments and private messages – so I wanted to share the key takeaways with you, my loyal readers, of how I recalibrated and got back on track.

If you are having a rough day or rough patch – you are not alone.

Below are 4 ways I recalibrated and I hope this helps you.

Spent time with God.

The first thing I did was spent time with God. Truth be told, the first thing I did was spent hours frustrated, disappointed, concerned, pissed and every other emotion you can have.

Then I spent time with God.

I spent time in prayer and asking God ‘What am I to be learning from this? How am I to be growing from this experience? What do you have for me, Lord?

I then was pointed to various scriptures such as Nehemiah and how he was so dependent on God during his crisis. Plus a few other verses that I needed to hear and be reminded of, such as John [15:16] that He chose and appointed us!

Shared with my wife and kids

Next, I was vulnerable and shared with my wife, Holly, and our kids why I had been moody and short that day. Open discussion in our house is not uncommon, however, it still is a vulnerable act to let your loved ones know that you need their prayers. As usual, my family was full of encouragement, especially my wife.

Reached out to friends

I talked with a few friends to touch base and get their prayers and support. Last night, shared some beers and fellowship over a Zoom call with my men’s group.

Went for a run.

Usually, I am very disciplined about exercise, however, with the gym being closed for COVID-19 it has been more difficult to work out. Plus it seems like it has rained for a week straight in Cincinnati, so I have not been on a run.

However, yesterday, I stopped the excuses and went for a run….in the rain.

Does this help you?

We all have our bad days and get in a rut.

However, don’t stay there.

The devil wants you to stay in that rut because lone wolfs get taken out.

Use the above process (in the order listed) and if you want additional help or guidance, please reach out.

Due to canceled trips, my calendar has opened up some! If you want to connect, vent, or discuss, grab a free appointment here, or send me an email. I want to help.

We will get through this and be stronger for it! My hope and prayer is many of us will be more dependent on God and stronger family units on the other side of this crisis.

Thank you for reading and your support,


This recent post has had a lot of activity. Reasons not to be passive at home.


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