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Who can you propel today?

Are you an anchor or propeller?

(BTW – you can read a real-life case study at the bottom of this post on where this image came from 🙂 )

Words are powerful.

Would people in your life describe you as an anchor or propeller?

As you interact with people, think about the words and tone you use.

Are you encouraging them to pursue their dream or idea?

Or do you find yourself downplaying their idea and not encouraging them to pursue?

Is it out of jealousy of their success?

Keep in mind, you can be encouraging while still providing wise counsel and asking questions to help them better vet their idea.

However, based on the tone and words you use – it could be intended to help build them up and make their idea stronger OR to tear them down and keep them in the same place.

Think about how you communicate and encourage those around you.

**P.S. Now for where this image came from**

My 12-year old daughter, who is very creative, started doing digital art.

I told her I thought her work was awesome and I would use some of her work for my business.

She was shocked!!

So I hired her to make an image. Here it is.

I am trying to propel her creativity.

Who can you propel today?

Thank you for reading,



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