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What!?!? Why did it take 2 years?

When I received the below email, I got fired up. I remember the conference they are referencing, as well as the talk. Matter of fact, the picture at the top of this blog is from that day. It was a great conference with a lot of positive feedback.

So, this individual saw me speak in 2018, yet did not reach out to me for coaching until 2020! Granted it was not a full two years, more like 18 months, however, it was a long time.

I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head – how can I grow a business if it takes 2 years for people to make a decision, why is growing a business so slow at times.

You get the point.

However, as I reflected on it, I was struck by two key takeaways that I am sure will help you where you are at as well.

First, others making a decision that affects me.

Whether you are growing your own business or contributing to the growth of a larger organization, we want speed. Even though we know we need patience, we often forget.

On our social media feeds, we see what appears to be people having quicker success, moving up the corporate ladder faster than us.

What is very interesting, is it seems God has me on this journey these last few months to remind me it is a marathon and not a sprint. For me to be more dependent on him, instead of myself. It is as if God had this individual put the dates in the email, just so they would pop off the screen and get me thinking.

What about you?

Where in your life are you frustrated with the speed to build something you are passionate about? Is it taking longer to build a business? a friendship? a relationship?

Remember, anything worth fighting for takes time. Anything worth building needs a strong foundation, and that is often established in the early years of the business or relationship. Or maybe in the early years of the restoration process.

Also, don’t overlook how far you have come. Yes, maybe someone did just get a sweet promotion that you saw on social media, but you have had many wins along the way and your next one is right around the corner.

Don’t give up if you are truly passionate about what you are building.

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Second, me making a decision that affects others.

Once I got over my own pity party, the bigger wake-up call was the reflection I had on the speed of which I make a decision.

How many emails could I write that would be similar? ‘I thought about this in 2018 and now in 2020 going to make a decision’. What’s worse, is there are a few decisions that I had an even longer time period of not making the decision.

After the personal conviction, I thought about some ideas that have come and gone that I did not make a decision. Some of them I know I chickened out, others the right pieces never fell into place.

Due to this reflection, there were a few decisions that I have made because of this email. One of them is I am jumping into the podcast world. I have thought about this for 18 months. I even hired a podcast coach a year ago to help me. Yet, I never went for it. It costs a lot of money. Will anybody listen? Will there be an ROI? All of those questions are still to be determined, but I am going for it. So stay tuned for more!

What about you?

What decision are you sitting on that you need to make? Where can you start to have more dependence on God and less dependence on yourself?

Thank you for reading and supporting,



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