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What, So What, Now What?

This is the time of year we think strategically about next year – both at work and home. Next year budgeting, New Year’s resolutions, and the list goes on.

Some of you have your ‘go-to’ reflection tool to use, yet some of you may not.

Many companies have reflection tools out there, including us at Five Capitals, but I have found this simple thought process to be the most effective.

What, So What, and Now What.

Years ago, my friend and coach, Brandon Schaefer shared this with me and I use it every year, plus share with clients and friends. I will do the long reflections and planning versions as well, but often what comes out of this exercise seems to stick the most.


What happened in 2018? The good, the bad, the ugly. Just list it all out. Brain dump. Got promoted, got fired. Lost 10 pounds, gained 10 pounds. Vacations. Work assignments that stick out. New friendships or partnerships. New milestones.

So, What?

Based on those events, how have you changed mentally? What is your new mindset, or perspective going forward? Where are you more confident? Something bad may have happened in 2018, yet you made it through, so a feeling of protection or provision. You took some risks in 2018 at your job and they worked, so now you have confidence and boldness moving forward.

Now, What?

In light of your new mindset, what rhythms and habits will you implement for 2019? Will you take on some riskier projects at work? What areas will you be bolder? Will you workout, read, or write three times a week? Where are you looking to get more involved and engaged due to the fruit of 2018?

Also, Write it down.

Science shows that writing down your goals you are 3x more likely to reach them. More on that next week.

As always, thanks for reading.


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