What should you focus on?

Are you overwhelmed? Too much to do?

Being overwhelmed is a lack of clarity. A lack of focus. Recently I asked my clients, ‘why do you work with me for as long as you do?’

I know, I know that is an odd question to ask clients – however, I recently hired a coach to help me and my business (more on that in a future post) and this was one of the early assignments.

So, I reached out to all my clients in my one-on-one coaching program. These clients pay a good amount of money per month to work with me. Yet they pay it month to month…

And my retention rate currently is 12 months on average per client! 

So I had to ask ‘why do you stick around?’

➡️ Is it that I incorporate ‘winning at home’ and talking about their personal life in addition to business? They said no – but it is a great addition.

➡️ Is it that our content is Biblically based (although I dial that down for non-Christian clients and corporate talks) They said no – although they love strengthing their faith in the process.

➡️ Is it that I provide new leadership tools for development? They said no – although the tools are extremely helpful.

I said, ‘Well then, what is it?’

Every one of them said ‘outside perspective’. I got comments like:

  • ‘You help me FOCUS on what matters’

  • ‘Discussing the situation with you helps me FOCUS on what to work on’ 

  • ‘As we talk, it helps me FOCUS on the right priorities’ 

We all need an outside perspective. We can get in our own heads. Should I work on this? or should I work on that?

Doubt. Fear. Insecurity. Discouragement.

Most times we end up toggling back and forth and never doing any real deep work.

Stop multi-tasking. Stop toggling back and forth. Get out of your own head.

Instead, identify the needle movers of your business and work on those. Find the 3 big things you must do today and get them done.

3 things you must do this week. This month.

FOCUS brings clarity.

FOCUS yields power.

Now, if you are in a season where you do need an outside perspective, then reach out. I am always looking to partner with clients that are hungry for growth and humble to learn.

*****P.S. – this is another great digital art piece from my 12-year-old daughter, Kamdyn. Fun to be able to bring my kids into the business.

Thank you for reading.

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