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What are you going to stop?

I constantly look at my phone and sync for updates. Did I get any new emails? Did anybody like my new photo or video I just posted? Does anybody interesting want to connect with me on LinkedIn? Did that prospect say ‘Yes’ and is now a client? On and on and on.

A recent study published in the New York Post, says that we look at our phone every 12 minutes or 80 times a day! That sounds outrageous and unbelievable on the surface.

However, there are some days I am guilty and truth be told maybe even to help bring that statistic down.

What are you starting in 2019?

As we all start 2019, we all have great ideas and activities we are going to start.

  1. I am going to the gym more.

  2. Read more.

  3. Write more.

  4. More dates with my spouse.

  5. More one-on-one meetings with my staff.

These are all great, but we just can’t keep piling on. We are already busy.

So, what are you going to stop in 2019?

In order to go after the new great ideas we have in 2019, we must stop different activities and mindsets we are bringing into 2019 with us.

Below are some of the items I am going to stop:

  1. Stop constantly looking at my email. Instead, have time blocks for email.

  2. Scrolling social media and comparing my numbers to other coaches.

  3. Less worry about the provision of the business. God continually shows up.

  4. On nights I am drinking with a prospect, networking, etc. – I will stop at 8 PM.

  5. Stop baked goods during the week.

We all have a lot of great ideas we are going after in 2019 and in order to hit them, we have to stop some of our self-defeating habits that are already in place.

What are you stopping? Please email me or comment here on the blog itself.

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