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The Prioritized Leader Academy

Two of the most impactful organizations in my life these last three years have been Five Capitals and The New Frontier.

I am grateful for these organizations because they have made me a better husband, father, and leader.

I want you to experience the same transformation.

I am excited to announce, that in 2020, we are going to blend them for a unique coaching and consulting program.

Just to clarify, they are still independent organizations, we are just blending some of their most powerful content and experiences as a way to bless others as I have been blessed.

What is the Prioritized Leader Academy?

Ever try to cut your own hair? While some can, for the rest of us the answer is: “Why would we even try?” There are other people out there who are trained, experienced and better suited to get us the look we want. The same is true with leadership, many strive to read all the books, listen to podcasts, attend conferences, yet for all the effort, only see small amounts of actual growth, keeping us from the level of health, productivity and organizational growth we’re looking for. It’s only when we allow experts from the outside, to see our life, discern the next steps, offer new tools and concepts and provide the community and accountability needed to significantly grow.

Join us on a 6-month immersive experience designed to catapult your life and leadership forward. We will provide new concepts, fresh perspective, customized coaching, and an amazing experience to increase your emotional intelligence, influence and impact.

How does it work?

Through a combination of coaching calls and an on-site experience, you will get a unique unpacking of this life-changing content for yourself over a six-month period.

Who is it for?

Are you striving for achievements to make you feel successful? Is your Kingdom value defined by how successful you are? Is there room for improvement in your marriage or life with your kids? Are you in a season where you need clarity on the next steps? Do you find yourself ‘stuck’?

The Prioritized Leader Academy is for:

  1. CEOs with 15 employees or more

  2. Executives with high levels of responsibility

  3. Business Owners desiring to significantly grow their business

Who else will be there?

Business owners and leaders looking to integrate their faith and their work. Leaders who are looking to win at both home and work. Executives who are not fulfilled at work because they take their questions of identity to their work.

OK, I am interested. I can’t stay ‘stuck’. What can I do?

The Prioritized Leader Academy is 6 months long, including coaching calls per month, as well as an immersive trip to Montana to stay at an incredible bunkhouse. (I have stayed there multiple times and it is the best for reflecting and recharging)

  1. $1,750/month per person for 6 months

  2. Cost includes a 6-day retreat in Montana (price does not include airfare)

Ready to get started?

Email me at for next steps.


Features and Benefits: What we’ll deliver:

  1. Connection:

  2. Spiritual Growth: Increase your relationship with God, as a Father and you as a son, as you learn how to be more dependent on Him in everyday life situations

  3. Increased Insight: An in-depth understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and blind-spots in all five areas of The Prioritized Leader. See where you’re unconsciously prioritizing your time based on the Five Capitals framework.

  4. Understanding Motives: Learn what moves your heart both at work and home

  5. Community:

  6. Fresh Perspective: Talk with other colleagues to reflect upon your progress, ask for honest feedback, and brainstorm ideas for improvement.

  7. Others Focused: Viewing people as God created them in order to lead them to a new place

  8. Personal Coach: During this 6-month period, not only will you have coaching calls, but also have access to me for discussions on how to apply the content and concepts to your life.

  9. Coaching:

  10. New Content with each of the Five Capitals: Within each section, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on opportunities for growth and think through our suggested next steps.

  11. Transformational Truth: Learn new ways to integrate and give truths to those you lead for growth

  12. New Priorities with an Action Plan: Our planning tools are designed to give clear and concrete next steps to move participants into greater levels of influence and impact as leaders.


  1. Perspective — Understanding the true drivers of your business and how to be intentional in their implementation sets your company up for greater levels of success.

  2. Priorities — How knowing and engaging the “Five Capitals” within your culture brings clarity, ownership and focus to your workforce — from bottom to the top — allowing everyone to be clear, focused, aligned and engaged.

  3. Pipeline — For growing companies, leader readiness can be the rate-determining step to significant growth. We help to create a leadership engine within your organization, developing employees through intentionality, not by accident.

  4. People Engagement — How do we modify and calibrate our behavior to bring out the best in others? Learn the emotional intelligence tools that allow for greater relational engagement, thereby increasing the overall health and productivity of your organization.

  5. Personal Development — We can’t lead others effectively if we aren’t first leading ourselves well. From time management and organizational skills, to seeing continuous growth and change, we walk you through the tools for self-improvement.

  6. Profitability — We go after what we measure. Discover the metrics and frameworks that encourage the right behavior, and add to the bottom line.


  1. When – January 2020 start with June 2020 finish

  2. What – Coaching + Experience

  3. Two group coaching calls per month except for May

  4. One group coaching call in May due to Montana trip

  5. Trip to The Bunk House in Montana – May 3-9, 2020

  6. Cost – $1,750/month each participant

  7. Price includes coaching during 6-months

  8. Price includes lodging and food in MT, but not travel (estimated airplane cost to Missoula, MT in May is $750)

  9. If paid all upfront, the cost is $9,000.


What clients have said about Five Capitals coaching:

“Cory has a unique gift of combining keen discernment, practical wisdom, and personal relatability to ignite true progress. His approach comes from an angle not of coach to student, but person-to-person. The time I spent with Cory impacted my leadership not only at work, but even more importantly in my role as a husband and father.” Nick Spicher, Vice-President, Harvest Group
“I’ve worked with a lot of coaches, and Cory is the best. He has focused on my personal growth over my professional growth, and what I’ve found is that when you grow personally, you always grow professionally, but not necessarily the other way around. In a world where coaches only pay lip service to personal growth, Cory stands out. He has made me not only a better businessman, but a better man.” Ben Beshear, Wealth Management Advisor and Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual


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