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One Degree At A Time

One degree at a time is all it takes. One decision, then another decision and then another is all it takes for people to later find themselves in a bad situation.

Now before you find yourself judging some of these key leaders who have had moral setbacks, remember this did not happen overnight. One small poor choice led to slightly larger poor choices, and eventually to an unimaginable decision to cross the line.

The reality is, we are all at risk for heading down a bad path when we continually invest more in our competency rather than our character.

It’s seems responsible to be always asking ourselves the question, “How are you going to grow in your competency in this next year?” As you go to XYZ conferences, start a few more projects to learn more skills, read up on better sales practices and marketing tools, and listen to endless podcasts, but that isn’t necessarily the right question or answer.

The harder question and the one we don’t think about is, “How are you going to grow in character in this next year? So quickly, work stress kicks in, marriage has it’s ups and downs, parenting is hard, and in times of weakness, we have to be careful because we are more at risk to look at the wrong things on our iPhone, exaggerate revenue forecasts, and misuse the expense account.

So, do you, your family and your team a favor and think about how you can grow your character over the next year so that you are guarding your heart and not slightly eroding your character one degree at a time.

Here are some ideas on how to invest in your character:

  1. Hire a Life & Leadership Coach (my favorite and I know a good one) 🙂

  2. Spend more time in solitude pondering questions (I can provide if interested)

  3. Journal on your life’s activities and decisions

  4. At the end of each day, list what you are grateful for

  5. Read books on areas of your weaknesses/temptations

  6. Get better friends, as the quote goes, “You are the average of your 5 friends.”

  7. Listen to podcasts and read books on character

  8. Take a personality test to see how you’re wired

  9. Make church or a spiritual community a more frequent rhythm

  10. Take the Prioritized Life Assessment and use code “FCCarlson10” for $10 off

Please share with me at the investment you are looking to make.

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