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Is this a painful reality for you?

My client is the owner of a company he cares deeply about. He works long hours, gives time and money generously to his employees. My client is always available to his customers. Weeknights and weekends he is always engaging with work to some capacity.

I told him this lifestyle was not sustainable for his personal or family health. I pressed into him the importance of being more intentional with his spouse and kids.

What did he do?

He listened to the advice and jumped into action.

My client made reservations and put down deposits for a fun weekend getaway with his 13-year old daughter and himself. A father and daughter weekend. How perfect!

He was pumped to get home and tell her about their upcoming weekend.

How did she respond?

Not as expected….by him.

The first words out of her mouth:

‘Will you be on your phone the whole time? If so, I don’t want to go.’


What was my client missing?

My client is learning the hard truth that our spouses and kids want:

  1. our presence over our provision

  2. repeated engagement instead of just one-time events

  3. to know they are cared for as much or more than your employees

  4. to know they are valued and loved over your work

Good news is my client will have his phone on airplane mode for the trip.

Success at work and home takes intentionality. However, it is easy to be proactive instead of being in reactive crisis mode.

How can you be intentional and proactive at home over the next week? What about in your relationships at work?

By the way:

Notice the teenager is telling the parent to get off the phone. The common theme in America is saying kids are on their electronics all the time..…where do you think they are learning it as an OK behavior? Kids follow what their parents value and if we value staring at our electronics, they will do the same. Lead by example applies to electronics as well.

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