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Is it time to recalibrate?

The following is an excerpt from my book, ‘Win at Home First‘.

As the Bible story goes in Matthew [14:22]–32, Peter started to walk on water, then he took his eyes off Jesus, lost a little bit of faith, and started to sink. We do the same thing. We build up enough confidence, courage, maybe even a little insanity, and go for it.

We get out of the boat. We take the risk. Then we get nervous, forget about our dreams and passions, and instead think of the risks and naysayers, so we start to sink.

The secret of great leaders is they are quick to recalibrate.

When they see a dip, they believe it’s temporary, that the overall trend line is up and to the right. They quickly make an adjustment to stop the negative movement and get back on track.

If you are in a valley, it’s time to recalibrate. We all get in the valley from time to time. No need to hit the panic or eject button. Look over your shoulder and see all the good that has happened in your life to this point. Your life is a small story that is part of a much greater story God is writing.

By looking over your shoulder, you can see how God has been building into you.

Your education. Your family. Your community. What you thought you couldn’t do, you did—not on your own accord, but through God’s provision. You have great friendships, and yes, you need to steward them well, but it is by God’s provision they are in your life.

You may have great business acumen, but it is by God’s provision you have the job you do. Your business may be profitable, and you have stewarded it well, but this too has been by God’s provision.

Looking over our shoulder allows us to see what God has built in our lives. We then can move forward in confidence and take action, knowing God will provide for us in the future just like He has in the past.

Where do you want to go? What are you praying for God to build in your future?

Thank you for reading.



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