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If your business decreases, you are a loser.

If our business decreases in revenue from one year to the next, then we think we are a loser. For that matter, when anything we manage is expected to grow but does not, we are a loser.

At least that is the lie we believe.

Unfortunately, this mindset keeps us from recalibrating our life even if it is the right thing to do.

You are not alone.

I have had amazing, yet challenging, conversations in the last few weeks with clients facing this dilemma.

These individuals have seen growth in their business year over year. However, they are feeling a nudge to recalibrate their focus and intensity in other areas of their life. To be more intentional with their family, or take better care of their health.

Yes, their business has grown in revenue and employees, yet there is a feeling their life is not complete. If life is viewed as a pie, the ‘work’ slice is there, but others are missing. They are looking for more connection with their spouse, kids, friends, or even adventure and fun.

The Ripple Effect.

When our identity is tied to our success at work, then we can’t take our foot off the gas at the office. We wonder what others will think if they found out our business decreased. We wonder what the ripple effect will be to other areas of our life. Will we have a lifestyle change, will we still get the invites to certain events, nice vacations, etc.

The irony is we immediately go to the extreme negative ripple effects when we are talking about dialing back work just a little bit. A slight shift so we can be home for more family dinners. Not staying as late. Not being at the office every day at the crack of dawn. Stopping our involvement at a recurring evening meeting or association.

However, the devil makes us think even the slight change in work effort, will make it all come crumbling down. Not at all.

When we shift our focus well to other areas and keep ourselves and the team engaged when at work, there may be minimal negative consequences. We have to assume God has the night shift.

How do we get better?

If our identity is tied to something greater than temporal success, then we understand the bigger picture. We understand it is not a zero-sum game. The work wins do not offset the home losses. We must calibrate between the two in order for greater impact in those we lead.

Take a long lunch. Take an afternoon off and see what happens. Work out before going to the office. If the team stumbles with you gone, then you have not equipped or empowered them well. You know the areas for improvement so the business is not as dependent on you.

There will be positives.

We give little credit to the positive ripple effect we will experience with a more holistic change. More happiness. Better connection with our spouse. Less emotional volatility. Explore new adventures. Better health.

Growth holistically is worth it and do not believe the lie the devil is whispering in your ear. Go for it!

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