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How do you fire yourself up?

About twenty years ago there was a very popular and funny skit on Saturday Night Live called “Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley.” Stuart was a nerdy guy who used the power of verbal affirmations to make himself feel better. He looked in the mirror and said things like, “I am good enough, I am smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.”

The reason SNL’s skit was so popular was it related to something popular at the time, the rise of the self-help industry. People knew they needed positive self-talk, and this brought it out in the open, giving viewers a sense of relief. Then Stuart Smalley exaggerated the need to outrageous proportions, which made it hilarious.

Talk to yourself.

Positive self-talk is on the rise again, which makes sense because words have power. God spoke to create Earth. Adam named the animals. Speaking out loud has greater power than just thinking a phrase. It gets us fired up when we say it out loud—like a rally cry.

I have mentors who do a daily verbal affirmation, so a few years ago I started to do it in times of doubt. It has been a game changer. When I am feeling defeated or hearing head trash, I go to God in prayer, but I also speak my affirmation out loud.

The following is an affirmation God laid on my heart during a season in which I was feeling a lot of fear, shame and self-doubt. These are words I needed to hear:

I am a son of God. I am loved. Every day I am being called up and better equipped to connect people to greater performance and more significant purpose. I do not need the approval of others. I am approved and loved by God. I am a beloved son of God.

What is your rally cry?

I encourage you to write out a daily affirmation for you. Ask God to speak into your life about the words He has for you.

Please email me if you want to discuss how to craft your statement. There is not a perfect way, just get started!

Thanks for reading!


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