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How do I check in with God more?

Recently I wrote a blog, “Do You Feel Abandoned and Want to Quit?”, that had one of the highest open rates of my emails. I also received numerous emails thanking me for the content.

Maybe the blog title was intriguing, but I think the feeling of abandonment may be heightened in all of us right now. This quarantine has all of us experiencing more ups and downs than ever before.

I know that is true for me.

One business owner, Jordan, responded to my last blog with the below email. I provided a response that they were very grateful for, so I wanted to share with you in case it could help.

Here is his email:

This is a great reminder and perspective reset. Thanks for sharing your valuable insight. I’ve realized that I don’t check in with God very often and not sure how to make that happen more. Do you have any advice there?

In case you are feeling the same way, below is my response.

I cleaned up my response slightly by providing links to some of the tools/books I mentioned.

Glad you like it.Here are some things that have helped me and others.First and foremost – know that everybody struggles with consistency on this.  You are not alone!   I do as well.1. read a cool Christian leadership book that has verses or stories in it.   I do this at night so I am ending my day with it, but also pondering it the next day.  I know some people have used my book. 🙂 I am reading ‘Don’t Give Up’ now and love the bible stories to help educate me.  The one before was ‘Master of One’ by Jordan Raynor, which was also great. I also love books by John Eldridge and Tim Keller.2. get a great devotional book that you can read in the morning or sometime during the day if you get in a funk.   ‘MOVE’ by Brian Tome is great that I am doing now.  ’Sons and Daughters’ by Brady Boyd is good as well. 3. set up a ‘verse of the day’ in the YouVersion bible app to come during the day as a good reminder.  I have mine come in at 2PM.4. read a book in the Bible, as well so you are reading a chapter each morning and interested in ‘what’s next’ for the following morning.  I have been doing Nehemiah right now and I know others have done Daniel, 1 and 2 Samuel as ways to read of heroes and their tough journeys. 5. I also do ‘plans’ in the YouVersion bible app around business and leadership.   I usually will look at those during a down moment in the day.By doing all this, there is a heightened awareness to God and what is going on – in and around you.  I believe the above, as well as prayer, will help you be quicker with wisdom and discernment because as Paul says – ’never cease praying’ – I think this is what he means. Since we know he was very busy building tents and preaching – so it is not that he was in constant prayer on hands and knees, but instead an open conduit between you an God.Does the above help? Thank you,Cory

I pray this is of help to you as well. Please respond if you want to discuss further. I don’t have it all figured out, but I do try and learn from others who ahead of me spiritually to help me grow.

Thank you



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