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How comparing yourself to others is a good thing

Yes, when we compare only the results of others to our own results – that is bad.

However, it is good when we compare our efforts to their efforts.

In fact, seeing someone else’s efforts can be both humbling, as well as inspiring in building our businesses, our life, and our marriage.

So often, when I compare myself to others, I compare only their visible success and not their hard work that led up to this moment.

Unfortunately, the hard work is often not visible.

  • The additional hours working on their craft.

  • The late nights they spent writing or rehearsing.

  • The extra time in meetings with prospects.

  • The number of free speaking gigs they have done.

Instead, I just see their social media following. I just see how many books they have written, and how many speaking gigs they have.

What about you?

Who do you find yourself looking up to? We all have people we are watching.

We have a choice.

We can choose to learn from our ‘competition’ or lament.

We can choose to be inspired to implement some of their ideas and efforts, or we can choose to lock up and lose ground.

Watch your competition with a humble and hungry eye.

Use their ‘roots’ to help launch you into new efforts to grow your business and your life. In time, and with the proper sun, water, and care – the trees of our life will also stand strong.

Remember, trees can only grow as tall as their roots are strong enough to hold them.

Invest in the roots of your life, family, and business today.

Let’s do this!

BTW – this blog series has been fun as this is another commissioned artwork from my daughter.

Thank you for reading,


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