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Four lies you need to overcome to go off the grid for a week

I just returned back from an epic mission trip to Nicaragua with my 15-year old daughter, Kiley. We went with our church, Crossroads, to work with Amigos for Christ, to bring bathrooms to families in order to help overcome contaminated water conditions. I am so grateful for the opportunity and can’t wait to take my other kids, as well as for my wife to go as well.

However, I almost didn’t go.

At the time of registration, I was working on my first book, Win at Home First, and didn’t want to lose focus. I was busy launching a coaching practice and helping to grow Five Capitals. Most of my revenue is service-based, thus if I am not coaching, then the money is not being made. What about business development? What about content creation? The list of excuses went on.

I want you to go as well so you can have this amazing experience.

In order to do anything great, we must overcome lies. Below are four lies I was hearing as a small business owner, entrepreneur, husband, and dad. I want to share them with you and how the trip overcame them.

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1) Lie: I had enough problems of my own as I try and launch a business. Truth: If you go, you will impact amazing change for people who have greater problems.

E. coli is the number 1 cause of death in Nicaragua due to the unhealthy drinking water. Amigos for Christ and the previous mission trips have been bringing clean water to certain communities. While we were there, we built a modern bathroom, with toilet, shower, and sink to a family. This effort changes this family forever and the generations to come because they are no longer exposed to E. coli, as well as the now conveniences of a modern shower and toilet versus showering with rag and bucket or going to bathroom on the ground.

2) Lie: I am too busy to stop thinking about work for a complete week. Truth: You will forget about work as you laugh like a kid, play soccer, engage with others, and have tears of joy.

One of my favorite memories was laughing like a kid as I ran down the front of Cerro Negro volcano. Running down 2500’ on a steep grade of volcanic rock seems dangerous, yet it was softly compacted that you sank shin-deep as you ran, almost bouncing. Playing soccer with the kids. During this time, I didn’t think about work. I knew work would be waiting for me when I got back. However, since I have been back, I have more energy and excitement for growing my business so I can fuel more change in others lives.

3) Lie: I want to protect my kid from seeing sad things until she is older. Truth: Your child will see sad things, but they will be exposed to amazing things they don’t see every day; which more than offsets the sad.

I was so blessed to get to take my 15-year-old daughter on the trip and I (and she) will forever remember this trip. Yes, she saw extreme poverty, but she saw incredible hospitality of the families she served. Yes, she saw kids her age and younger with much less, yet huge smiles and big laughs as they appreciated what they did have.

4) Lie: My business will not survive if I am not able to access email or phone calls for a week. Truth: Not only did my business survive, but I would say my business is even stronger as I have found opportunities for more efficiency now that I am back.

During the trip I was focused on the people we were serving, the group I was with, plus soaking in the laidback culture of the community. I needed this break and you probably do as well. Prior to the trip I constantly thought of my business, social media, funnel creation, etc. My prayer as I am back is I will be more structured more my work time, so I can have more time for creativity and strategy.

Going on a mission trip is not for everyone, which I understand. However, a break from work is. Take a serious break from work for a week. As you do, you will have to overcome the above lies. Go for it. It is worth it.

Thank you for reading,

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