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Don’t wait to get fired to do this.

4 years ago I was fired from my job.

Yup, fired. 

Just what every guy dreams of. 40 years old, unemployed with a stay-at-home wife, and 3 kids all under 13 years old, a mortgage, and lots of bills.

I was fired from my highest salary and highest job title I had ever had, President of Sales.

However, leading up to that moment, I had a burning desire to start a coaching business.

Just as I had been helped, I wanted to go and help others.

  • Help people become better leaders at work.

  • To become better spouses.

  • Better parents.

  • To create a legacy that they could be proud of.

Instead of one that was just about long workdays and ‘my dad (or mom) worked a lot’ or ‘my dad (or mom) was always stressed or angry.

However, truth be told, I did not have the guts to leave my corporate job to start a business.

-I didn’t want to leave the high salary and start over.

-I didn’t want to leave the job title and become just another business coach.

-I didn’t want to leave the ‘top’ to start at the ‘bottom’.

-I didn’t want to leave the known for the unknown.

My identity and security were tied to corporate America. However, when I was fired, this was my chance. I had a choice.

I could go back and get a job at corporate America, or I could hustle and see if I could launch a business.

I decided to go for it. Hustle and start the coaching business. Right away, I was tempted to go back into corporate. The calls came in from friends and acquaintances in the industry to come work for them.

I said ‘no’.

I kept pushing ahead. With each ‘no’, I wondered if I was a fool. With each ‘yes,’ I gained a little confidence. I am so grateful I stuck it out. 

A lot has happened in the last four years.

➡️ Personally helped hundreds through coaching and on my way to thousands.

➡️ Wrote a book and plan to write more.

➡️ Launched a podcast and learned from great leaders.

However, those are the work wins. More importantly, are the other wins.

➡️ It has not been easy, yet grown closer to God as I have become more dependent on Him.

➡️ Celebrated 21 years of marriage this summer with a supportive wife during ALL my journeys.

➡️ 3 kids who are seeing the impact our business is having on people, and they now talk about wanting future spouses who ‘Win at Home First.’


What about you?

Have you been fired?

Or maybe just deep down wanting to get fired to give you the push you need to pursue a dream? Or maybe you have lost the desire and passion and need a breakthrough?

I share this story to help inspire you.

You need to know where you are currently, it does not mean you have to stay there.

I thought I had to stay and it took getting fired to get moving.

If you want to move or need a breakthrough. Reach out. I am sure some of the tools I used, would help you as well.

Thank you very much for reading,



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