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Do you want to destroy your competition?

Somedays I see other executive coaches or keynote speakers in this space and I am completely discouraged. Why do they have so many more social media comments compared to mine? Why did they get the large contract? Why did that conference take him/her and not me? Sometimes, I even think, if they were not in the picture, then I would be the man!

Other days, I am inspired. I am encouraged for the road ahead for me. A quote I put in Win at Home First is from Jon Acuff, ‘Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle​.’ How true is that? We have no idea how long the other person has been on their journey, nor do we know where our journey is headed. We need to keep pounding the nail.

We all lose to competition at varies times. We also see some of our competitors with better offices, bigger houses and nicer cars. The tension we all experience is between jealousy and envy versus inspiration and motivation. So next time the evil thoughts creep in, recalibrate to find the inspiration and motivation for your growth.

If there was no competition there is no need to fight. Plus, great competitors build on each other. So, if they were gone, what would I build upon?

I thought this commercial was a fun visual for this topic. Mercedes CEO is retiring and BMW hired an actor that looked like the CEO and made this commercial. Great competition has fun with each other but also draws inspiration along the way.

Thank you for support.


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