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Do you feel abandoned so you want to quit?

We all want to give up at different times.  Especially if we think God has abandoned the ‘God idea’ we are working on. We start the project convinced it was a nudge from God and then we hit roadblocks and we feel abandoned.  We open the second office or hire the additional employee and then Coronavirus strikes and the market tanks. 

Just like you, I have a few projects currently that feel ‘God-less’ when I hit rough patches.  Not only were there alone moments writing ‘Win at Home First’, now it feels I am on my own trying to promote and distribute the book. I could not get the idea out of my head to launch a podcast, so I took the bold step, yet hitting obstacles.  Trying to build a coaching practice, yet seems I have to do all the heavy lifting for business development and nothing falls into my lap – especially with all speaking engagements in the short term cancelled.

What about you?  

Are there similar projects in your life as you build your business?  Maybe you find yourself in the process of building a practice or career, yet having to file for unemployment right now? Or having to pursue a PPP loan from the government and scared about the months ahead? 

Or maybe they involve other people you are around a lot more now that we are in quarantine.

Trying to restore a marriage.  Pursuing a family relationship or friendship that is broken.  Reengaging with a child that you were not actively present for due to your work travels. Working to improve a toxic work culture that you may have helped create.


The ‘God moment’ may not come until the end.


In recent months, I have been reminded God doesn’t always show up in the middle of our projects or battles.

Yes, He is there, but He is not necessarily making it known.

Here are a few Biblical stories I have been drawing inspiration from in recent weeks. Joshua had to walk around Jericho seven times and then the walls came down.  Jesus was tempted in the wilderness for 40 days and then the angels showed up.   Nehemiah builds the wall and then it is mentioned ‘they perceived that this work had been accomplished with the help of our God’. 

Why is there not a mention of God in the middle of any of these examples?  

It would be nice if God would have said:

  1. ‘Nice job Joshua. Only 3 more laps to go and then I will knock down the walls.’  

  2. ‘Well done Jesus.  You are halfway through and great job so far resisting the devil and his temptations.  Just one more temptation!’

  3. ’Nehemiah, this wall is looking great.  Keep it up, only a few more weeks left!’

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How did they keep going?

Maybe they had an internal drive greater than ours. Maybe their faith was stronger and they knew God would show up. Maybe they were more optimistic. Or did not have the types of challenges we do.

I don’t think so.  They got just as discouraged as we do.  Nehemiah ‘was very angry’ with people on his team.  They had naysayers heckling them and trying to rattle their cages.

However, they were committed to checking in with God, not only daily, but throughout the day.

Each day there were submitting themselves to God via prayer.  They may not have heard anything back from God, except an internal peace to keep going.

Same is true for us.  We must check-in with God.

We may not be trying to knock down walls as Joshua did, nor build them up like Nehemiah, however, our projects and missions can feel just as challenging when we are in the midst of it.

We may not be hearing any audibles from God to keep going, but we have to be checking in with Him during this journey for discernment of the next steps.

If we quit too early, not only are we not being obedient, but we never get to see the victory of the mission we are on.

We will not get the blessing if we don’t go through the entire battle.

Keep your head up!


Yes, Coronavirus has affected all of us in different ways, but also many of the same ways – financial downturn, low days, feeling of abandonment, etc. 

As Nehemiah said in 6:3, ‘I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.’ 

Keep at it.  Don’t come down from your wall.  

There is something greater on the other side, so keep building!


Thanks for reading,


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