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Can you make the climb?

I had a drop in revenue of twenty-five percent from March to April. What?!?! How? Why? I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head.

  1. Why would this business take such a hit if I am helping others?

  2. Is full-time coaching going to work?

  3. What about Holly’s and my new financial strategy?

  4. What about the extra money needed for the upcoming book launch? Podcast launch?

Maybe you can relate.

As I have worked with my clients over the last few months, others have had a rough first quarter. Whether it was the record-breaking cold for some parts of the country, an increase in supplier costs, or just market uncertainty. Many leaders feel like they are starting the second quarter in the valley, staring up at a steep mountain climb for the rest of the year.

Working with clients (as well as myself!) the below framework has helped us these last few weeks and may help you as well.

Where is the joy?

I have read Colossionans [1:11] numerous times, but a word jumped out recently. ‘Joy’. I know we are always told to be patient, but with joy? It is hard enough to be patient, and even harder to do it with joy. However, since studying this verse, I have been trying to find joy. It has not been perfect, but I don’t know how I would have managed these last few weeks without this intentionality.

The joy of getting back into prospecting and meeting new people. Having more time for existing clients and their challenging weeks. The joy of cutting out early to go on a coffee date with one of my daughters or throw around the ball with my son. The joy of learning more about publishing and promoting the book as I juggle what I outsource versus do myself.

In these tough times, find the joy inside and outside your work. We need the joy to overcome the self-defeating talk we all have.

What are your nonnegotiables?

No matter what, when we are discouraged about a few key elements of our business, such as revenue or our boss’ mood, then it causes paralysis. We don’t move, and if we do, it is not fast. Unmotivated to do anything, work-related or even going to the gym. We lack focus. Bouncing from one incomplete task to the next. We don’t accomplish much.

What helps is to make sure you get the bare minimum done so you don’t lose ground…or your job. Determine the nonnegotiables for your business and get those done. Anything extra done will be a bonus!

Maybe it is having your one-on-one meetings with your direct reports so they stay on task. Blocking out an hour a week so you can focus on a key driver for your business.

How can you change perspective?

Change of place can often change our perspective. When you are in a rut, going to the same office day in and day out most often will not help.

Spring is here so go outside and work for a little bit. Start your day off at a coffee shop. Where do you find yourself to be creative? Maybe it is work from home.

One step at a time.

As we start the second quarter, we need the above to revive our efforts and mindset. The above has helped me reprioritize what is important and I am ready to make the climb for the rest of the year!

Please let me know how I can help.

Thanks for reading,


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