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Are you waking up at 3AM stressed?

My client just started a new role in the last 9 months.

The sales are way behind plan with only two months left in the year.

With ten direct reports, there is not a moment without thinking of the team.

  1. Am I doing enough for them?

  2. Am I a good leader?

  3. Will we perform better next year?

  4. One of the direct reports also interviewed for the same job so, what do they think?

  5. Two of the direct reports are older and more experienced.

  6. The overall team culture is toxic

My client went on to tell me she wakes up every day at 3AM.

I asked, ‘What do you do when you wake up? Get up and work? Lay there? Journal? Pray?’

She said, ‘I pray’.

I said, ‘What do you pray about?’

She said, ‘To go back to bed.’

I said, ‘That won’t work.’

She was baffled by that answer.

I went on to tell her we can’t pray for the symptom, we need to pray for the wound.

Instead of praying just to go back to sleep, we need to pray about the bigger issue at hand and what is waking her up and causing the stress.

I told her a method that works well for many is to pray ‘Release and Receive.’


With hands reached out and facing down, as if you are pouring it all out, then pray to release stuff over to God.

  1. you are not in control of your business

  2. cannot do it alone and need God’s help, plus your team’s help

  3. the team is toxic and you need help building culture

  4. fear and insecurities of managing people older than you

  5. need for approval of others

  6. ambition to always be caught up


After doing that for a few minutes, then turn your hands with palms facing up as if to receive goodness from God.

  1. his vision for the team instead of wandering

  2. receive that you are a Son/Daughter

  3. you are working from a place of approval instead of for approval

  4. courage and strength to lead the team instead of doubt

  5. confidence that you were put in this position for a reason

  6. connections and relationships for more sales and opportunities


Talking to her on our last call, she says it has helped significantly. I know it does for me.

You should try it next time you are staring at the ceiling.


As always, thank you for reading.



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