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Are you overwhelmed?  I am.

Some weeks are amazing and some weeks are overwhelming.

This past week was overwhelming. So overwhelming, I lost a little peace and joy.

I really noticed it when I got home Wednesday night. My kids were talking to me and it sounded like they were speaking Chinese. I couldn’t make out their words because I had so much running through my mind.

Thanks to God’s provision 2018 was strong, but the driven, Type ‘A’, competitive self, etc. is already thinking about 2019.

How can I build on the success of 2018 and make next year even greater? More talks, more workshops, more clients, more impact, more, more, more. Better, better, better. Faster, faster, faster.

There is no shortage of information and solutions out there to help me get more, better, faster.

The noise in the last few days…

My inbox was overloaded with Michael Hyatt’s ‘Best Year Ever’ last-minute offer to buy his 2019 planning guide. I had multiple emails from him, plus his many affiliate partners, telling me I needed it to survive. One of those affiliate partners is a friend of mine whose opinion I value.

I have been loving Donald Miller’s podcast and just got his new book “Building a Story Brand“. My marketing coach had great ideas to tweak my personal brand messaging to align with Don’s proven model.

Plus, I had two other meetings this week with new friends about doing a podcast. One was to be on his podcast, plus the idea of me doing my own DIY podcast. The second meeting was to do a top-shelf podcast at this new friend’s reputable studio.

Mixed in were other great meetings and opportunities.

The noise of the world was creating chaos in my heart.

I was allowing this noise to dominate my heart and mind.

Even worse, I was allowing negative thoughts to enter my mind. Thoughts like:

  1. I screwed up my marketing message.

  2. It is too late.

  3. I wish I knew this sooner.

  4. There are too many podcasts out there, my voice is not needed.

  5. I’m behind

  6. On and on and on.

We all can relate.

We all have these noisy weeks, the self-defeating thoughts, the ‘what if’ and ‘should haves’, but I encourage you to guard your heart and mind when you feel that coming on.

Over the next few weeks and months, I am sure I will tweak my marketing, will further explore podcasts, get more speaking engagements, etc.

But for this week, I need peace and joy.

I already started. Went to bed early that night, got up early and had a long quiet time and building back up and clearing out the chaos.

Christmas is all about peace and joy.

Fortunately, Christmas is quickly approaching, so it will be a great time for all of us to hit pause on the noise, and recoup our peace and joy – in the only thing that actually can give it to us…Jesus.

Have a Merry Christmas and talk to you again in 2019!

Thanks for reading and being along the journey with me,


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