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5 Steps For A Season of Battle

Everyday in business we face battles.

Sometimes they are smaller battles like having to call a customer to let them know of a price increase, and sometimes they are bigger battles like having to let an employee go.

Whether a small or big battle, including God in the entire process requires intentional participation and effort. We all wish it was as easy as sending up a prayer and watching our problems vanish into thin air. However, we know God is not a genie in a bottle and the real world is not that simple.

Recently, I was reading 2 Chronicles 13-20 and was inspired by three men that faced much bigger battles than I will ever face (real battles with real weapons). All three men were leading Israel at different times and each of them faced an enemy that was almost double their manpower! Abijah had an army of 400,000 men that were going up against an enemy of 800,000 men. Asa had 580,000 men that were going up against an army of 1 million men. Jehoshaphat was leading a smaller army against a combined enemy of three different nations. If they all had gone to battle alone, they would have lost. Instead, they each independently followed a similar process and found themselves victorious.

Five Steps If You’re In A Season Of Battle

Here’s what that process looked like and how it can help you if you’re in a season of battle:

1. Pray

All three men put God first in their life, even before they knew of their upcoming battle. They each prayed regularly to the Lord for direction in their lives and acknowledged the Lord’s power. This repeatable pattern of connection with God gave them a foundation that sustained them and gave them wisdom as the battle approached. Do you have a regular rhythm of prayer in your life when things are going smoothly and in times of battle?

2. Prepare

Even though each of these three men had prayed for victory, their job was not done there. They did not just sit back and wait for God to do the rest. They still gathered their men, weapons, and chariots and prepared their families and land for a battle. Are you continuing to prepare making yourself ready for whatever comes?

3. Position

As the battle was quickly approaching they got into position and were ready. This was a huge step of faith because they were lining up against an enemy that was twice their size! As we enter our own battles, this same principle applies. We need to do our part to position ourselves and allow God to do the rest. How are you positioning yourself and stepping out in faith?

4. Proclaim

Now here is where it really takes a turn for the abnormal. Just before the battles are about to begin, these men didn’t cowardly chicken out running in the other direction or foolishly charge forward towards the enemy. Instead they stood strong, honored God’s plan and vision and proclaimed the Lord in front of the enemy. Abijah cried to the Lord and his warriors played trumpets. Asa cried to the Lord in front of his men. Jehoshaphat and his troops sang praises to the Lord. Now, I don’t expect you to take trumpets to your next meeting, but speaking out proclamation and praise in front of your team could be a great next step. Instead of a quiet prayer between you and God, maybe it is a team prayer before the meeting? Instead of a thought in your head, maybe it is your voice heard by your team?

5. Prevail

In all three cases, when the Lord saw their faithfulness even up to the point of the battle line, he was pleased and stepped in to defeat the enemies. (2 Ch. [20:22] “the Lord set an ambush against the men.”) How can you stay faithful in the midst of battle? How are you seeing the Lord prevail in your situation?

God stepped in for these three men and He does the same for us in our battles. Now, let’s be clear, not all the battles end how we envision them but if we include God into our lives these battles end the way God wants them to end.

So what is your next battle? What are you wrestling with right now that you will have to face head on in the next 30 days? 90 days? Start the process now: Pray, Prepare, Position, Proclaim, and then get ready to Prevail!

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