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‘Win at Home First’ was in Forbes!!

Holy cow!!!! My book ‘Win at Home First’ was just in a Forbes article!!!!

Forbes magazine’s article, ‘7 Books Everyone On Your Team Should Read’, included my book, ‘Win at Home First’!!

Thanks to Rhett Power for writing the article.

If you are on a team, then listen to Forbes magazine and be a good teammate and get the book for them! ? You can get the book here.

The following is the excerpt from the article pertaining to ‘Win at Home First’, including the article introduction and Rhett’s book summary of ‘Win at Home First’.

7 Books Everyone On Your Team Should Read


Start reading…NBC/PHOTOFEST

When you work in an office, why keep all the great information to yourself? That would be like finding an incredible restaurant around the corner office and never mentioning it to your colleagues as a lunch possibility. You’d never do that. In the same vein, when you read a book that changes the way you think, give everyone in your office a copy (or at least text them a link to its online description).

Whether you’re spearheading an executive book club or looking for works to inspire your staff’s creativity, you’ll appreciate these messages in these books. Each offers a different bent, allowing you to springboard conversations and rev up your team’s collective idea machine.

Win at Home First: An Inspirational Guide to Work-Life Balance by Cory M. Carlson


Win at Home Firstby Cory M. Carlson

Let’s face it: We give lots of lip service to balancing our personal and professional lives. But what we usually end up doing is pouring our energies into developing our careers. Only then do we plug family time into the remaining slots in our schedules. Cory Carlson illustrates why that type of thinking can lead to overall job dissatisfaction and general unhappiness. He makes the case for putting home on par with the office—above it, even. I’ll be keeping this message in mind so I can better model for my team what true work-life balance should be.


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