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Will you come with me?

Below is an excerpt from my book, ‘Win at Home First’, that I have heard on more than one occasion was impactful to individuals and their marriage.

Why am I reminded to share it? Because I did Jazzercise on Friday night with a bunch of married couples, which you can read about below!!

The best way to build stability in your marriage is through friendship. When you hear people, who have been in a healthy marriage for thirty or more years, they often say the reason for their strong marriage is that their spouse is their best friend. So how do we do that? You love to watch sports, but your wife doesn’t. You love to sew and be creative, but your husband doesn’t. People tell me that it is hard because they don’t like the same stuff as their spouse. I agree, yet that doesn’t stop us with our other friends! Some of my close friends love golf. I don’t like golf. So we don’t golf together, but we do other things. We trail run and go to FC Cincinnati soccer games. We find things we both enjoy doing. The same goes for your spouse. Don’t focus on what one of you doesn’t like to do. Find what you both love to do together and do it! Make time for it. If you don’t know what you both like, start trying things out. Go to cooking classes, go on a hike, try tennis, go to concerts, go on a bike ride. Through activities and adventure with our spouse, we can build a friendship that will help carry the marriage during tough times.

Jazzercise Date Night

Now to the fun night we had this past Friday night. I am very grateful for the Jazzercise Norwood (Cincinnati, OH) community for the great friends and fun my wife has. Also, I am grateful for Jazzercise since Holly loves the exercise. However, even though it is a hard workout, Jazzercise is not my preferred way to workout.

With that being said, a few weeks ago, Holly invited me to take part in the annual ‘Date Night at Jazzercise Norwood’. Although Jazzercise is not my thing, nor is it on my shortlist of things to do on a Friday night, I wanted to do it and never turn down this request.

Why do I always say ‘yes’ to Jazzercise Date Night?

Holly loves Jazzercise and this community, so I get to see her in her element. It is special to see your spouse do something they love, and had I not attended, I would have missed out on this part of her life.

Also, by saying ‘yes’ to Jazzercise Date Night, she knew I was saying ‘no’ to other things, like meeting up with my friends or just choosing to stay home.

Not only does my wife see the sacrifice I made to attend, but also the risk of looking like a fool. So we had a fun date night being together, plus laughing at how bad I was.

What also makes this tradition special, is how fun it is to be with other spouses stepping (or jazzing 😉 ) out of their comfort zone in support of their significant other.

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What about you?

What can you join your spouse in that they love to do? What can you invite your spouse into that is a part of your life?

If neither of you has an activity, then what can you do new together? Can you plan it between now and the end of the month?

If you don’t have anything, email me and I am sure we can pull together another Jazzercise Date Night at the Norwood Fitness Center!!

Thank you for reading and supporting,


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