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What Mountain Do You Need Moved?

The other day, I was grabbing lunch with a guy named Jim. I was very grateful for this opportunity to meet him in person, as he is a very influential spiritual and business leader.

Let me tell you, Jim’s the real deal. He asked deep, soul-searching questions over our lunch. He’s direct, no beating around the bush. Yet, he is so kind and encouraging. Jim makes you feel like you're the only one in the room, even in a crowded restaurant.

In fact, during our lunch, I lost track of time.

I had this important prospect call scheduled at 1:00. It was a big deal—a coaching prospect who owns a $50M business. I met this business owner the prior week at our live event, and he was very interested in coaching. To say the least, I was looking forward to this prospect meeting all week.

However, the conversation with Jim was so profound that time just slipped away. I'm rarely late to a meeting, especially a call with a prospect! When Jim and I were done with our conversation, I looked at my watch and it was 1:15!

Why was I so late?

During my time with Jim, questions were flying back and forth about our families, our careers, and our faith. We teared up, we laughed, and we prayed for each other.

However, the question that had the most impact, and I still think about it months later, was when Jim asked me, "Cory, what mountain do you need moved?" This question is inspired by the scripture Matthew 17:20-21: 

“For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

Here I am sitting with this very spiritual leader and I wanted to give the ‘right’ answer, the ‘Godly’ answer. I feel like I mulled it over for five minutes, but obviously more like 5 seconds.

I wondered if I should say something about my marriage or my kids since he is a strong family man. Or maybe I should say something about my faith journey and future dreams about being closer to God.

However, the only thing that kept coming to my mind was business related and how I wanted to impact millions of people.

Even though I feared it might’ve sounded shallow, I went for it and said, “I know this may sound shallow, but I want to impact as many people as I can. I set a goal to impact 30,000 people by the end of the year.”

Jim looked me square in the eye, leaned forward, and said intensely, "Shallow? That’s not shallow. If God put it on your heart, it’s not shallow. The devil's telling you it's shallow to make you feel small and not go all in on it, but I believe you'll impact more. Not just 30,000 people, but 3 million people. I believe in a God that delivers on the dreams he gives us, if we choose to move towards them!"

It hit me hard and for different reasons. I was embarrassed for saying it was shallow and that I was not pursuing it with confidence since God had given me that dream. But I was also inspired that he believed in me and more importantly, he believed in a God that delivers.

So, I ask you. What mountain do YOU need moved?

You may be like me and have some nagging head trash about your answer and wonder if it is the ‘right’ answer, or maybe you have self-doubt and the fear of going for it.

So, here’s the thing. We've all got these limitations. But the real kicker is whether we're going to let them box us in or chuck them out the window. It's all about rejecting those limits and going for the gold, in faith, in relationships, in work—across the board. It’s our call to flip the script, to go for more and not settle for small.

I encourage you to spend time answering this question. Once you have arrived at the question, then spend time putting together some action items to go after that dream God has given you!

As Jim said to me, and I now say to you, I believe in a God that will deliver on your dream as you move towards it! Go for it!

BTW - here is Jim on my podcast where he gives even more wisdom!


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