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Why we love Valentine's Day for Money Reasons

Yes, we love Valentine's Day for love, but this day has a special place in our family's hearts for money.

What?!?! Why would anybody like this holiday for money, unless you worked at Hallmark Cards?

A little over 10 years ago, Valentine’s Day became an anchor story for us.

We were in an awful financial position.

Our side hustle real estate business was crumbling and we were facing bankruptcy.

Loan sharks calling.

Bills pilling up.

Hope fleeting.

On this particular Valentine’s Day over a decade ago, we couldn’t afford a babysitter for the kids or to go out to eat.

So, we stayed in.

The kids ate frozen pizza and we grilled some cheap steaks.

However, the night was special.

Although stressed financially, we were relationally strong.

We knew we were in this together.

Fast forward to this week.

Thanks to God’s provision and some smart choices, we are in a far better financial position, than over a decade ago.

So in recent years, we celebrate by having frozen pizzas as appetizers and then we all have salmon and filets. 🎉

At the dinner, we thank God for the turnaround.

We thank God for being in our home and relationships the whole time.

We thank God for the provision.

So Valentine's is not only special for our marriage, but also for our family.

As for you, what low have you overcome that you need to celebrate?

And for those in a valley and not where you want to be….that does not mean you will always be there!

With intentionality, you can get out of it.

Stay in the fight.

You will prevail.

Rise and Go!


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