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How to Get Back Up with Courage and Move Forward with Confidence

by Cory M. Carlson

Life Knocks Down Every Leader, but God Calls Us to Get Back Up Again.

Here Is a Proven System to Help You Grow and Succeed in the Face of Uncertainty, Challenges, and Difficulty.





Leadership is hard. There are days when we don’t feel like motivating or inspiring anyone. Heck, we sometimes wake up feeling tired and discouraged ourselves, so how can we motivate anybody else?


We all have our own doubts and insecurities about our lives and the directions we’re headed. We may wonder, too, if we’re even doing the right things to develop those we lead and help them reach their full potential.


Rise and Go provides business leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives a resource to help them to overcome setbacks and challenges that come with leading at work and at home. 


This book will help you discover how to:


• Craft your own “Rise and Go Manifesto”

• Focus on gratitude each day

• Be more intentional with your leadership

• Become more confident and consistent

• Use Scripture to overcome your self-limiting beliefs

• Mark and remember moments when God has provided for you


All leaders get knocked down. However, great leaders get back up more quickly and move forward with what God is calling them to do. There’s no time to waste.


It’s time for us to rise and go.

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Here's what some leaders have said:

“Life is hard and learning to lead well in the middle of life’s messes is even harder! Rise and Go is a fantastic and moving, real-life story of overcoming struggle as a result of his focus on faith and pure determination to find God’s true purpose and meaning for his life! This story will motivate anyone that is struggling with life and the call to lead stronger and more effectively for your family, team or business. I’m so thankful to Cory for courageously putting his story out there because there isn’t one of us that’s immune to struggle and hardship and it’s stories of success like this that give us hope. And, for some, stories like Cory’s help us find our way out of the darkness and into the light!

—JASON LIPPERT, President and CEO of LCI Industries, a Fortune 1000 company

“To have a forward advancing life, you will get knocked down from time to time. I have been knocked down a lot, especially these last couple of years. God calls us to get back up. Cory has worked with leaders I know to help them get back up and navigate the challenges of leadership and life. Cory has a deep well to draw from with his strong faith foundation and business world experience. He is a good man and a guide to learn from.”

—BRIAN TOME, founding and Senior Pastor of Crossroads Church, author, and host of ‘The Aggressive Life’ podcast

"When Cory asked me to read and review Rise and Go unbeknownst to him, I was at one of the lowest points of my life; my career was in flux, I was in the middle of a health crisis and I discovered I could not answer the question, “what do you want”. For me Rise and Go has become my daily playbook for leading myself, my business, and my home. While a Christian leader’s journey is never finished, Rise and Go has become my oasis on that Journey."

—RON KITCHENS, best-selling author of 'Community Capitalism and Uniquely You'

“Even the strongest men and women get beaten down by the grind of life from time to time. We all get knocked to the mat. But it’s the resolve we show and the things we learn while we are down that make us true leaders. Rise and Go will help everyone to stand up once again with a renewed passion and confidence to lead.”

—ROCKY BOIMAN, ESPN College Football Analyst, radio host 700WLW, author of Rocky’s Rules

“Leading is tough. The ‘bounce-back’ is what counts. What Cory has built here will help you not just push past difficult days blindly, but instead respond to them from a position of humble strength. I encourage you to use Rise and Go to become a truly healthy, standout leader in today’s burnout culture.”

—KURT KERSEY, Founder of Thirty21 & The Grown Man Project

“I found Cory Carlson’s book to be incredibly timely for me. He gives real, raw, incredibly practical, and theologically sound advice in a very digestible format. I love the example narratives that pull you into the biblical stories and his own personal experiences. These helped tremendously in applying the truths of the book. I’d recommend this book to a leader who is serious about pursuing God — amid life’s challenges, no matter where He may lead.”

—RASHAWN COPELAND, Founder and CEO, Blessed Media, Author of No Turning Back

"Rise and Go, is very transparent with tremendous humility and is an amazing read. I greatly enjoyed it and was impacted by it! Life has many twists and turns and knocks down every leader at times. God calls us to rise up, but how do we do that? This book is a proven system to succeed. This playbook will assist you in what to do and where to turn. Cory Carlson’s book, Rise and Go is a must-read!! It will be life-changing for you."

—MARK WHITACRE, PhD., Executive Director of t-factor

"Rise and Go is overwhelmingly inspirational while providing an essential toolkit for leaders to effectively conquer challenges at work and at home. Cory melds scripture, stories from himself and other leaders, and reflection exercises to instill confidence and conviction while motivating the reader to overcome obstacles and continue moving forward. This book belongs on the bookshelf of any leader that relishes the messiness of leadership, takes calculated risks, and seeks to learn and grow from their experiences."


Rise and Go is a collection of stories, ideas, and examples that will challenge you to keep going. It’s perfect for anyone who believes they are called to elevate others and live out their God-given purpose.

—JOHN EADES, CEO of LearnLoft, author of 'Building the Best'

“Too often business leaders' home game isn’t as good as their away game. I love Cory’s commitment to making sure we’re better at home so we can be better at work. I am grateful Cory has published another resource for business leaders to use as they encounter the ups and downs of leadership, both at home and work.”

—JUSTIN FORMAN, Executive Director of Faith Driven Entrepreneur

“As I read Rise and Go, I found myself taking notes and rereading various sections to make sure I fully captured the detailed lessons Cory offers in each chapter. He takes us on a journey of faith turned into action; I felt like I was sitting next to him in the front seat as we drove across the country, as he shared his story (can’t wait for the audio version!). Cory challenges us at the beginning of each chapter, then shares simple steps to demonstrate the leadership traits he brings to life. Cory’s use of scripture makes this a must-read for anyone struggling with their faith, as a spouse, parent, or leader. Spiritual warfare is real and Rise and Go will arm you for battle by teaching you how to talk to God and build your life around Him, helping you keep your temporal journey in perspective and find peace, even during the most challenging times.”

—PETE DURAND, CEO of Cruxible Partners

"At some point in their leadership journey, every leader will face tremendous obstacles and lose their footing. The good news is that getting knocked down doesn’t have to be the end of the story. In Rise and Go, there is a blueprint not only for how to respond but ultimately how to flourish in the face of adversity. Cory does a wonderful job of demonstrating his own path and then allowing the reader to mark their own journey for replenishment and action. This is a great resource to create and maintain positive momentum and allow leaders to multiply their talents."

—JUDD SEMINGSON, CEO of Community Clinic NWA

"Cory Carlson is a successful Executive Coach who has “been through the wars” and knows from which he speaks. In Rise and Go he combines real-life stories from the Bible with those of successful leaders today to help us understand how we can be genuine and effective in our leadership roles. Rise and Go makes clear that becoming a great leader is a day-to-day journey and the Action Steps at the end of each chapter will guide you to make that journey well. Cory’s down-to-earth style and practical experience provide all the tools you need to be a great leader."

—RICK L. STEPHENS, Founder of Horizon Hobby Inc., author of 'In Plane Sight'


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