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What are you fighting for?

Last week I had a client get emotional on a coaching call. He cried a few times throughout the call. Tears of joy.

My client had been going hard for a few years at work and then realized he had drifted at home. He was physically present, but not mentally. Tired. Stressed. Walking through the door after a hard day of work and turning off the brain. Becoming passive at home. Except when he yelled out of frustration.

He wanted a better way.

So, why did he cry? After months of intentionality at home, he was connecting great with his spouse and kids! He was crying tears of joy because he was starting to win at home. What seemed like a lost cause, now had hope.

This call made me think.

I have never had a client cry for joy for great quarterly results, increased top line, or strong profits. Tears of joy only come from a real heart connection, which comes from people and not profits.

Do you know what you are fighting for? Are you being as intentional at home as you are at work?

By the way, since this client is winning at home now, he is having more impact with the people he leads at work.

For greater impact at work, be more intentional at home.

What is one intentional action you can take at home? Date night? Family dinner? Let me know.


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