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This is a hard time.

The racism, the vandalism, the violence, the hate. It makes me angry to see the dark side of this.

The knee on the neck of George Floyd for way, way, way too long.

The violence and vandalism that is not about justice, but instead about the greed for a free VCR or the bullying of beating someone up.

Yet, there is good out there.

Seeing awesome videos of people hugging cops.

Whites and blacks standing together at a peaceful protest.

Plus the thousands of people across the country showing up each morning to clean the damage from the protest the night before.

Yes, this is a hard time and the greater picture of this is out of our control – we can only pray.

However, we can control our area of influence.

Here are a few thoughts I am working on and inviting you into:

  1. To smile and wave to each other (no matter the color) as we pass each other by

  2. To say hi and acknowledge the existence of each other (no matter the color) when within an earshot

  3. To say thanks to our cops for what they do

  4. To talk to our kids about what is going on – the good and the bad – instead of hiding or denying it

  5. To be the light to those around us because some people don’t have any hope that things will improve since 2020 has been so hard on so many

  6. To honestly ask God to search our own heart for where we see people ‘less than’ (race, economy, age, etc.) than ourselves and for God to reveal that to us.

….and to pray in private to God, but also with others.

We will get through this together….and stronger.

Thank you for reading,



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