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Calling all men who are feeling stretched too thin and risking burnout…

What thriving leaders do differently to win at home and at work

Winning at work does not compensate for losing at home, and vice versa.

To be successful and fulfilled, we need both.

The reality is, most guys don’t have both. It’s usually easier to win at work, and that's where our time and energy naturally goes, thinking that if we can just get that right, it’ll have a positive trickle effect into the rest of our lives.

I’m here to tell you that it’s just not true. Many guys are killing it at work and getting divorced every day.

You might be in a hard season right now, a demanding career, kids at home, intimacy with your wife is on a downward trend. You’re just struggling to keep it all together, just hanging on, hoping to weather the storm and waiting for this season to pass when it’ll get ‘easier’, and you can find balance and purpose in your life!

I want to show you what the most successful leaders are doing differently to guarantee they win in all areas of their lives, and you can too.

A tale of two executives…

These two executives both held leadership positions, made great money, had beautiful families and children — but one is very fulfilled and connected to his family and work team, and the other is risking burnout and wondering how much longer he can hang on until life gets easier and better again… completely unbalanced and not investing into the people he cares most about (including himself).

The first executive chose to grind life out on his own, a lone wolf kinda guy. Smart, career-oriented, driven.

He was a voracious reader, listened to podcasts and audiobooks in the car every day back and forth from work, went to church on Sundays, and participated in a small group on Wednesday nights.

He had two kids, a house in the suburbs, and a leadership position at his company he’d been at for 12 years (and planned to stay at if all went well).

The problem was, deep down, he wasn’t really fulfilled inside. His relationship with his wife was slipping. Little things here and there. Date nights evaporated. Work started creeping into nights and weekends. Being on his phone all the time. Financial stress when the kids started into school, sports, needed a new car.

He thought if he could just hang out and wait it out a few more years until the kids are out of the house, then things will get easier and life will be better.

The second executive knew that he didn’t know what he didn’t know and that he had blind spots.

He knew that life didn’t feel very meaningful or purposeful right now, and wasn’t sure how that could change.

He knew that he was losing ground at home with his wife and kids, and could feel it in the relationship. Little things here and there reminded him of it almost daily.

He would win a new account or get a bonus or promotion at work and saw that it didn’t change anything at home.

He could see the future and realized if he continued down this path for the next 5, 10, 15 years, he might not have a home (or family) to come home to at all.

So he sought help. He reached out to an expert. He got a coach. He got outside perspective, tools and actionable steps to take to immediately address his biggest priorities and problems.

He’s not any smarter or harder working than the first executive, but he realized that none of us can do everything on our own.

He chose to win in all areas of life, not just in one or two, and to live a life of no regrets.

He also made the most important decision — to do it now. To not wait. To not waste any more time or life living a way that wasn’t fulfilling and wasn’t reaching his potential. He knew life was not going to get any easier or less difficult anytime soon. So he chose to make it better now and reap the benefits for years to come.

And so can you.

I’m Cory, I’m a leader, husband, father, lover of Jesus, just like you.

I was a stressed-out, burned-out executive in corporate America for many years.

6 years ago I decided to pursue coaching to help other men tackle and overcome the challenge of having a thriving life where they were winning at home, with the people who matter most and winning at work with their teams and the people they lead.

Why did I want to help other leaders win at home and work?

Because I lost at both home and work and it sucks! I don’t want another leader to lose at home and work.

Since I launched into coaching, I’ve coached over 100 men and have seen incredible breakthroughs and transformations.

My $100,000 breakthrough

After hiring my own coach in 2013 and spending over $100,000 of my own money on coaching, trainings and masterminds for myself, I’ve seen what’s worked in my life and in my clients’ lives.

I realized the #1 thing holding most guys back from getting started is this feeling of overwhelm and paralysis by analysis.

You have to get started to build momentum, but it can be hard to know ‘where do I start?’ when everything feels important and urgent (and sometimes impossible).

That’s when it hit me… the 4 Key Pillars we must start with in order to get clarity on our next steps because they cover our past, our present, and our future of where we want to go.

I call this The 4 F’s Framework.

Those 4 Pillars are

  • Failures

  • Frustrations

  • Fruit

  • Future

Introducing the 4 F’s Framework — Live Workshop

What is it:

A 1-hour live coaching workshop where you will go through a 4-part framework to assess your current reality and clarify your future goals, with the purpose of identifying where you can take immediate action and remove barriers holding you back.


After going through the 4 F's framework you will:

  • Be more motivated and confident

  • Understand your unique strengths

  • Align your work with your passions

  • Have clarity about next steps in your job

  • Eliminate self-limiting beliefs holding you back

  • Get on the right path for your goals and move forward


Choose 1 of 3 options:

  • Thursday, April 7th, 12-1 pm EST

  • Friday, April 8th, 12-1 pm EST

  • Wednesday, April 13th, 2 pm EST

  • Cannot attend live?

    • Watch the recording & submit your worksheet to the community for feedback

Time commitment:

  • 1 hour live call

    • 45 mins content + completing the exercise

    • 15 mins Q&A + feedback

What you get:

  • Live group call

  • Dedicated time to complete exercise

  • Coaching: Receive feedback for yourself and others

  • Worksheet to keep with clear next steps

  • Call recording

  • Access to Cory’s private coaching community


  • $47 (Future retail price $249)


  • If you complete the workshop and worksheet and don’t have any more clarity, motivation, or vision about your future – I’ll give you a full refund + plus a free coaching call.

This is your choice. You have two options.

Option 1: Keep reading books, listening to podcasts, and grinding it out. You might get some insight or have a breakthrough at some point. It’ll likely be a slow process and take a lot of time and not have a clear structure on what to do next.

Option 2: Dedicate 1 hour to clarifying your current situation in life and determine your clear next steps to unlocking the next chapter of growth in your life so you can find purpose, fulfillment, and connection with yourself and the people around you.

Sign up for the 4 F’s live workshop today. If you find it to be a waste of time, I’ll refund all your money and give you a free coaching session to help you directly.

The best investment you can make is in yourself. There’s no better time than today.

I’m opening the door for you, but it’s you who must walk through it.

— Cory


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