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Have you been thrown under the bus recently?

My client runs a division and was recently thrown under the bus.

The person that threw her under the bus is in another division. This has happened before and will more than likely happen again.

My client thought about this encounter for the last week, including the weekend!

Conflict with another employee is not only frustrating but it also creeps into all areas of our life. Our life is not compartmentalized no matter how hard we try.

We think about it at other meetings, during our commute, with our spouse, and even when we are with our kids.

We think about what we said, what we didn’t say, and even have dreams of conversations/arguments to come…if they even do!

Too much time is wasted in companies with unaddressed conflict.

What did I tell her to do?

In Matthew 18, Jesus lays it out how we should handle conflict, so using Him as our guide, I tell clients and myself when I am not being stubborn 🙂 to do the same.

The first step is to have a one-on-one meeting with the other person and try to resolve it.

  1. Explain how you perceived the situation.

  2. Swallow your pride and say you are sorry for anything you did wrong

  3. Hear their side. They actually may be right so you can learn from it

  4. Explain how you are not leaving the company any time soon, so you two need to resolve it.

  5. Discuss you are going for a relationship over responsibility.

If one-on-one does not work, then you need to get a third party involved. It may be the HR director, a higher executive that neither reports to. Often times, it doesn’t come to that, but it may have to.

The sooner you resolve the conflict, the quicker you free up brain capacity for greater things!

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