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Do You Celebrate Overcoming Your Failures?

We all have had failures. Poor moral choice, an aggressive move that backfired, a bad financial decision. These failures happen to all of us, both in our personal and professional life.

The critical factor is how do we remember the failure. Do we brush it off in a prideful manner thinking ‘don’t worry, it will never happen again.’ Maybe we are narcissistic thinking we did all the heavy lifting to overcome the mistake. Some of us don’t know how to overcome the failure, so we are still tethered to the incident, even allowing it to define us.

All of these scenarios set us up to possibly fall in the same trap again. However, there is a better way. If we overcame the failure, we need to celebrate the victory and give credit where it is due.

Recently my family and I celebrated a failure we overcame, thus are no longer defined by it.

Months before the recession hit in 2008, Holly and I bought a handful of real estate properties with the intent to sell. However, when the recession hit, there was a surplus of homes in the market making it difficult to sell or rent at the previous price points. We did our best to keep them alive, but eventually ran out of time and money.

So, eight years ago we were at our lowest financial point with Valentine’s Day fast approaching. I felt like a crappy provider that Holly and I were not in a position to exchange gifts, nor get a babysitter and go out to eat.

Frustrated and defeated, I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, my wife is not only creative, but also full of grace and mercy!

We decorated our dining room with candles and got dressed up. Our dinner was $1 Totino’s pizzas that we cut into heart shapes. Holly and I served our kids their meal. After they ate, they served us our meal.

Fast forward to this past Saturday night. We celebrated our family Valentine’s Day in a similar fashion to keep the tradition alive, but allowed it to evolve as we have evolved.

Heart shaped pizzas!

Saturday night, we got dressed up and decorated the dining room with candles. We bought the $1 pizzas and cut them into heart shapes, however this time they were our appetizers! Our entrees for all of us were steak filets.

Why do we still do the $1 pizzas?

We do the $1 pizzas as a reminder of God’s provision for our family. A reminder that God pulled us out of the valley years ago and continues to help guide us forward.

Maybe you are experiencing a low right now? Or you have a low from a few years ago that you can’t shake?

Instead of being defined by the low, make it a marker for how God has pulled you out of the valley and celebrate it!

Before eating $1 pizza and steaks!

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