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100 Episodes of Win at Home First!

This week is very special to me because I have officially released the 100th episode of my podcast, “Win at Home First!” So first, thank you so much for listening and the support.

However, I want this to be an encouragement to you as well.

The decision to start my podcast did not come easily. In fact, I came close to not launching the podcast at all. I started to doubt that anyone actually cared what I would have to say. Why would they choose mine, over the other podcast options?

Despite the doubts, I had overwhelming encouragement coming in from friends, family, and clients, inspiring me to start.

So I finally did. I developed a podcast that is designed to help business leaders not only find success in their work but in their homes as well.

So why “Win at Home First?”

Well, the short answer is, I wasn’t. I was winning at work, but at home? Not so much. So many of us tie our identity to our careers. Who we are at work, is who we are! We give everything to be the best, to climb our way to the top.

But the truth is, once when we get that promotion, corner office, etc, we realize that all of that hard work doesn’t give us the fulfillment we thought it would. And other things suffer in the mix.

When I started to put my family first, and really focus on all of those relationships, I started to realize the recalibration that was needed, for me to win at home.

If we’re being honest, all of us want to win. But not just at work. But at home, in our personal life, etc.

So I started to invest in the people that I lead. While doing performance reviews, or just leading in general, I would make it a habit to ask them things like:

‘Are you winning at home too?’

‘Are you dating your spouse?’

‘Are you being intentional with your kids?’

The results? After they started incorporating these things, our bottom line was improving! I saw the results. I felt God telling me that this is something I can help so many others do.

So after feeling a push from God, I left corporate America to instead coach other executives to help them win at work and at home.

Now, I’ve incorporated the podcast into my weekly routine, to hear how successful leaders do just that, Win at Home First.

Yes, the journey may have been long and intimidating. Yes, I had my doubts. But what made it successful? What was the secret?

I did one episode at a time.

I know that's not a big secret, but it is the truth. I got a guest and we recorded an episode. I then found another guest and then recorded that episode.

So GO FOR IT! I heard God tell me I needed to turn in my story for a greater story. I took that leap, and a part of it was starting this podcast.

Why am I telling you this? Because when we dream, we think of the finish line. We think that all the work to get there is due right at once! However, we forget that the race is one step at a time.

I recorded 100 episodes, one episode at a time.

I have two published books, one blog written at a time.

So, what is your dream? What do you want to do?

Take one step. What is one step you can take towards that dream? Don't think about steps 2, 3, or 300!

You’ve got this!

What's Next?!

✅ Click here to listen to the podcast!

✅ Are you winning at both home and work? Take my free assessment.

Click here to read more about my book “Win at Home First

Rise and Go is HERE! 🎉

My new book is here! I am so excited to share Rise and Go with you. Rise and Go is a resource for you to get back up quicker. It was just released on Amazon and Audible.

You can find out more about it here!

I pray the content helps you as much as it has me and my clients. Thanks for your support in helping leaders win at work and at home!


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