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Win at
Home First


Win at Home First gives business leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives a practical, eye-opening guide for thriving both at work and home.

Many of us focus on winning at work. Whether it is from our own fear or the expectations of others, we put pressure on ourselves to succeed. Then, with whatever time and energy is left, we give to our family and to ourselves. In the end, no one wins. Marriages suffer, kids are neglected, teams at work are not developed, and you are not fulfilled.

There is a better way. You, your home, and your work can thrive. This book will help you discover how to:

  • Craft a personal and family vision

  • Achieve work/rest balance

  • Have a close marriage of fun and intimacy

  • Build into your kids to set them up for success in life

  • Prioritize for even greater impact at work

  • Equip and empower your employees

Succeeding at work doesn’t mean you have to fail at home. You can do both.

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This book was Amazon #1 New Release in 3 Categories and listed in FORBES as 
7 Books Everyone On Your Team Should Read’.


“Win at Home First is spot on. The combination of testimony and tools make this book transformational for the individual who wants to be a positive leader.”
- Jon Gordon, bestselling author of 'The Power of Positive Leadership and The Carpenter'

"I'm thankful for Win at Home First. The pathway to truly winning in life is exactly opposite of the way we've all been taught, and I'm thankful for the reminder. Just like you, I want to win. Cory is pointing the way." 
- Brian Tome, founder and senior pastor of Crossroads Church and author of 'The Five Marks of a Man'

"Cory knows what it's like to go from feeling like he's losing to knowing that he's winning in life and leadership. In Win at Home First, he draws from both personal and professional experience to lead so many others to do the same."
- Carey Nieuwhof, bestselling author, 'Didn't See It Coming', and Founding Pastor, Connexus Church

"In his book, Win at Home First, Cory M. Carlson produces a thought-provoking, logical progression of priorities that sets the stage for operational success in all dimensions of life." 
- Chad Williams, former Navy SEAL and bestselling author of 'SEAL of God'

"As Christians, we are called to be excellent at work and at home. It's not necessarily about balancing the two things, but about fulfilling all of our roles with excellence for the glory of God. I am thankful Cory has written this resource to help you do just that." 
- Jordan Raynor, national bestselling author of 'Called to Create and Master of One'


"Through a combination of powerful, vulnerable experiences and insightful principles, Cory Carlson and his book Win at Home First inspires us to take action to walk into the footsteps where God has called us." 

- Dr. Brett Smith, Cintas Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship, Founding Director, LIFE Research Lab, Miami University (Oxford, Ohio)

"If you feel like your work-life balance is out of whack like one always suffers at the expense at the other, take heart! There's another way! You really can succeed at both life and work. Here my good friend and executive coach Cory Carlson presents a field-tested process to win at home first, kick butt at work, and feel the most alive you've ever felt. Go for it!" 
- Chad R. Allen, writing coach; author, Do Your Art

"In the book, Win at Home First, author Cory M. Carlson has written a very insightful book that will assist you in balancing your life and setting priorities in all areas of your life. It will greatly impact your life. I consider the book a MUST read!" 
- Mark Whitacre, Ph.D., national keynote speaker, the highest-ever ranked executive whistleblower of a Fortune 500 company.


"Authentic. Practical. Encouraging and enlightening. Win at Home First brought clarity of thought and vision to a struggle I seem to encounter often: life balance. Often we calibrate our life to work versus home and yet home is the key to success at work. This is a great book that calibrates the right work-life balance for success in both areas of life. A must-read." 
- Chris Hartenstein, CEO of Hartco, Inc., and founder of The New Frontier

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