Whether it is being vulnerable and sharing lessons learned from my failures or sharing best practices from successes I have been a part of – I leave it on the stage.

One of my favorite parts of my job is speaking to audiences and sharing the insight and ideas that have helped my life, as well as my clients’ lives.

In addition to inspiration, your employees or conference attendees will leave with tools they can immediately implement at their work or home.


“I just wanted to thank you for the great content, discussion, and leadership at our Emotional Intelligence workshop on Friday.”

Jen Leopold | National Account Manager | Harvest Group

“The content Cory shared was impactful and relevant, but more importantly—Cory’s energy, vulnerability, and audience engagement was bar none. I highly recommend Cory if your team is not only looking for inspiration, but also implementation.”

Michelle Metcalf | Director of Advisor Experience | Northwestern Mutual

“Cory Carlson was engaging and very knowledgeable about the Enneagram and how it affected our team dynamics!  He was able to help the team relate to one another and understand the importance of our differences for communication to improve.”

Stephanie ColcordHuman Resource Manager | Ameri-Kart

“Cory came to my company to speak to our sales and operations team. He did an outstanding job and his message really hit home with our group. In our busy lives, it is easy for things to come out of balance. His message of the five capitals and winning at home was refreshing and timely.

Todd Albrecht | Owner / Executive Vice President | Perfection Group

“Cory was a featured speaker at our bank security seminar for customers and employees.   He’s an enthusiastic and knowledgeable communicator who engages the audience with personal stories and visual tools.  His content was customized to the theme with practical information that invited attendees to take action.  I would recommend Cory for anyone looking for a speaker for their event.”

Pamela Goetting | Senior Vice President | Heritage Bank

“I continue to build into myself (and others as a result) with every workshop I attend. Cory Carlson does a terrific job of engaging participants and relating the Five Capitals platform to real-world applications, both personally and professionally. Summary – recommended and time well spent.”

James Bauer | Vice President | Reading Rock

“Cory was an excellent speaker for our Business Leaders Seminar at Women in the Marketplace. He customized his material to be relevant for everyone participating. He allowed himself to be vulnerable in a room full of strong, female leaders. Our ladies walked away with some very practical ways they could prioritize their lives in the midst of the constant demands on women and moms today.”

Kathy Book | Founder |Women in the Marketplace

“I really enjoyed our Enneagram deep dive on Friday! 
It is so helpful to have a deeper insight into ourselves and our team, and I’m excited to apply what we learned. 
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and talent with us!”

Ellyn Broderick | Sales Support Analyst | Harvest Group