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You Have Limits

We all have limits.

I know, that is not the most encouraging note to read.

However, it is a reality.

I recently was reminded of my limits and as I shared the journey with my clients, they found it encouraging.

So, maybe you will as well.

Two weeks ago I had one of the best weeks of my coaching/speaking career.

Here is a brief overview.

Sunday night I spoke to 10 married couples in NW Arkansas about marriage.

Monday, I spoke to 140 business leaders at JB Hunt, a Fortune 500 company.

Here is just one comment from JB Hunt's internal chat:

"I made sure to watch the recording, and WOW! It was a breath of fresh air hearing Cory's perspectives, I took away a lot from his talk. Even decided to buy the book, ha!"

Tuesday, I spoke to 20 business leaders on 'Win at Home First' in NW Arkansas.

Wednesday, to 40 business leaders in St Louis about 'Rise and Go'

Then, I had the opportunity to speak at a men’s gathering on Saturday night and did a sermon on Sunday at The Foundry Church in DC metro.

In between all of that - I had coffee and beer meetings.


However, I woke up Monday as a zombie. Exhausted. Back hurt. Neck hurt.

Yet, I went back to work at 100 mph. Coaching calls, coffee meetings, even drinks with a friend, and more.

I found myself irritated with everything - traffic, my dog barking, my kid's questions, and more.

Luckily I got a punch in the face while I was reading my devotional, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Day by Day, a few days later. I came across this prayer:

"Lord, forgive me for the arrogance that sees interruptions to my plans as alien invasions. Forgive me for constantly trying to do more than you intend with my life. Help me to be like John the Baptist, embracing my losses and respecting my limits. In Jesus' name, amen." - Peter Scazzero

This was just the prayer I needed!

It woke me up from my pride-induced slump that I could do it all on my own.

The prayer reminded me that I have limits and it is arrogant to think that I don't need to slow down from time to time.

Yes, I need to go as hard as possible at times, but I need to give myself the grace to slow down in order to recover.

Which is not easy for a hard-charging, Type A, scrappy entrepreneur, and small business owner to do! As you may very well know as well!

My hope is this prayer helps you to give yourself grace the next time you are exhausted from running hard!

It is OK to slow down!

Thank you for reading,



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