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What my Son Taught me at the Bengals Game

When I told Kaleb my son that we were going to the Cincinnati Bengals playoff game this past Sunday night, after he calmed down from excitement (actually, he never did), he asked if we could get to the stadium early to watch the team warm up.

My first thought was, NO!! It was supposed to be 28 degrees and I am a wuss when it comes to the cold.

However, Kaleb always has a good reason for his questions.

So, I asked ‘why? He wanted to see how they practiced.

The routes the receivers ran.

How Joe Burrow warmed up.

How they talked to each other. Then I thought…

My son wants to see people practice!

To see people put in the reps! It made me think, we had to go! Life is more practice than game time.

More behind-the-scenes than the big stage. So we went!! We were in our seats 90 minutes before the game started.

Yes, it was cold, but it was awesome.

We saw players practicing.

We saw players praying.

We saw them having fun.

We saw them being serious. Plus, we got to hang out. My son loved it.

And so did I. Also, it was a great reminder for me to keep practicing and putting in the reps!

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