Many of us focus on winning at work. Then, with whatever time and energy is left, we give to our family and to ourselves. In the end, no one wins. Marriages suffer, kids are neglected, and you are not fulfilled. Join Cory each week and learn from business leaders who are winning at both home and work.

Why did I decide to launch a podcast?

There are tons of podcasts out there that provide tools, tips, and stories of how leaders became successful at work.

However, when I am done listening, yes I am inspired for work applications, but I am left wondering how in the world did they still keep their personal life intact!

  • How did these busy leaders also lead their families?
  • How did they spend quality time with kids when they worked a lot?
  • How did they navigate building a career while building a family?
  • What about when work was not going well?
  • Or the times when marriage was at a low?
  • How did they bring God into the home without being weird?

Plus many more questions.

My heart behind this podcast is to learn from leaders who won at work and home. Yes, they have had their ups and downs, and still do, however, they have learned ways that it has worked for them.

I not only want to learn these lessons for myself, but share them with you.

The podcasts will be a combination of my sharing in a solo show what I am learning from leaders. As well as interview shows to hear from them directly.

What do you need to do?

FIRST: Listen.

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SECOND: Subscribe.

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THIRD: Write a review.

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FOURTH: Share with others.

We are always grateful when somebody shares something with us that has a positive impact on our life. Whether it is a book, a podcast, a sermon, etc.

This message may be exactly what your friend or coworker needs to hear. Take the nudge and share it with them.

FINALLY: Thank you.

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Please reach out if I can ever be of help.

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“I’ve been loving your content, Cory! It really stands out from the noise of this world. Keep going!” – Jordan Godbey, CEO of ZoomSpring

“I always enjoy reading your emails. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!” – Jenny M.