July 16, 2020 Cory Carlson

Why 2020 is the easiest year for change | Podcast interview with Ben Beshear

In this episode, you’ll learn… 

  • How your fear will ravage your home life and cripple your relationships ([4:23]
  • Simple ways to refocus and recharge without neglecting your work or family ([9:37]
  • The single biggest mistake fathers make when connecting with their kids ([10:32]
  • Why you don’t need more than 5 minutes per day to create an indestructible relationship with your kids ([13:22]
  • The absolute best way to spend time with your kids that teaches them a million lessons and preps them for success ([16:55]
  • Why only celebrating your biggest wins is a surefire way to be disappointed ([21:17]
  • The counterintuitive reason success becomes less fulfilling as you become more successful ([22:35]
  • The case for celebrating (and capitalizing on) crises ([33:15])  

To connect with Ben Beshear and learn how he can provide clarity to your financial future, head over to http://www.livewellcapital.com

Ben Beshear Bio:

Ben joined Northwestern Mutual as an intern in 1999. In 2001, Ben graduated from Miami University and began full-time at Northwestern Mutual.

As an advisor, Ben works mainly with physicians, business owners, and executives who are primarily entering or currently in retirement.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Planning with executive stock options & RSU’s
  • Charitable giving techniques and strategy
  • Portfolio construction
  • Distribution and tax strategies in retirement
  • Business planning for closely held businesses

Ben has been honored as one of the top 20 advisors with Northwestern Mutual in America. And was also a qualifying member of MDRT from 2002 to 2011, and a qualifying/life member from 2012-2016.

Ben and his wife Lindsey reside in Indian Hill, with their two children Logan and Campbell and their dog, Mac.

In his spare-time he enjoys spending his time coaching his kid’s sports teams or playing basketball and tennis.

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Cory Carlson

Cory Carlson is passionate about connecting people to greater performance and more significant purpose. Cory's competency of extensive sales/marketing and team development mixed with character of helping people have greater impact allows him to transform businesses and their leadership. As the leader goes, so does the company...and home. Cory's professional experience includes being President of Sales for national contractor, interactions with private equity ownership, boardroom meetings, to sales call with sales personnel. Coaching experience ranges from one-on-ones with CEOs/Executives to team workshops/retreats. If looking for holistic growth, let's connect!