November 16, 2021 Cory Carlson

Where are you stepping out in faith in your home or your career? | Podcast Interview with Jamahal Boyd, CEO of The Crossroads Center

Have you ever taken a risk and it didn’t work out?

Have you said ‘yes’ to a new job opportunity only later to be fired?

What about doing ‘all the right things’ but then finding and selling aluminum cans for money?

This week’s podcast did all that!

Jamahal Boyd has an incredible journey that includes ups and downs. This podcast conversation with Jamahal is so inspiring as he has had hard times, yet continues to get back up and fight. Not just fight but continue to be obedient to God this entire time.

Jamahal is currently CEO of The Crossroads Center and he has led them to win a few national awards, all while being an intentional husband and father.

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • The “Spiritual Balance” secret to winning at work and at home ([1:51]
  • How spiritual warfare beefs up its attacks on you when you’re trying to do good (and how to prevent it from sabotaging your life and marriage) ([6:12]
  • Why spending time in scripture before doing anything else “primes” your brain to reach its full potential ([15:15]
  • The simple “One Verse” exercise that makes diving into scripture less overwhelming ([15:55]
  • How to keep your teenagers engaged spiritually instead of rolling their eyes whenever you bring up God ([17:59]
  • The “date-at-home” approach for connecting with your wife without going to fancy restaurants every week ([23:17]
  • How God transforms your most humiliating failures into your most epic successes ([28:47]

Jamahal Boyd’s Bio

Jamahal C. Boyd, Sr. joined The Crossroads Center as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in July of 2019. The Crossroads Center is a behavioral and mental health, substance use and addiction treatment Agency providing service to the Cincinnati, Ohio region. The Agency he leads has been around for 69 years, initially established as a drug and alcohol treatment service. He is the former Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Language Services for TriHealth (Cincinnati). In this capacity, Jamahal led a team of direct reports in the development and implementation of TriHealth’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy. His key responsibilities included operationalizing the Health System’s strategic direction and providing vision and leadership to TriHealth’s diversity and inclusion function. As a key member of TriHealth’s leadership team, he advanced TriHealth’s work on establishing the business case for diversity through a focus on healthcare disparities and workforce development. Additionally, he played a vital role in TriHealth’s efforts to strengthen its supplier diversity strategy in collaboration with the executive team and supply chain leadership.

Jamahal brings a wealth of diverse experience after almost 25 years as a progressive professional in the healthcare industry. He joined TriHealth in 2016 from the Mercy Health System, where he last served in the role of Director of Operations for the Clinically Integrated Network (Cincinnati). During his tenure with Mercy Health, he also served in the role of Director, Multicultural Equity. Prior to his tenure with Mercy Health, he was the Director, Office of Health Equity for the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Yet, the most important position, status and ranking of greatest value to him is being the proud husband (for 19 years and counting) to his lovely wife (Eboni) and father of 3 amazing children (Jamahal Jr 17, Jayla 12, and Jace 9).

If you’d like to get in touch with Jamahal and learn more about The Crossroads Center, you can call him at (513) 475-5300 or visit their website here.  

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