November 3, 2020 Cory Carlson

When was the last time you looked at your life map?

If you even have one.

I was reminded of the importance of maps the other day when my 8-year old son said, ‘Dad, we would have done it a lot faster if we looked at the map first.’

Have you ever jumped right in without a plan?😳

Or maybe you are currently working tirelessly without stopping to review your plan? 😬

This past Saturday, Kaleb and I went through a corn maze….TWICE.

The first time we ignored the map.

I seriously thought ‘this will be easy, I got this’. 😂

After walking around for 30 minutes, we got excited as we thought we were approaching the ‘exit’, only to be disappointed it was actually the ‘entrance’.

We walked around for 30 minutes and made zero progress.

So the second time, we studied the map.

We discussed some milestones we needed to make happen. Such as being on the outside lane in the northwest corner.

Also while we reviewed the map, some people provided some tips as they had completed the maze already.

We made it through the maze in only 10 minutes!

When we were finished, Kaleb said we should have looked at the map first.

Yes, son, you are correct – but we had a great discussion and I got a post out of it. 🙂

So a few thoughts:

💡💡Do you have a map?

Take time to think and pray through your map for your personal life and your professional life.
Where do you want this day to go? This week? This project? This season? This life?
Don’t just barge into the day or the project. You may not make any meaningful progress.

💡💡Are you looking at the map?

Now that you have a map, you need to review it.
I review some stuff daily, other stuff weekly, others quarterly.
Maps are useless if we don’t use them.

💡💡Do you have a guide?

Whether it is a coach or mentor, sometimes we need help from people that can provide an outside perspective.
Almost the ‘eyes above the corn maze’ that can see what it going on in your life since you are head down.
When we are so focused on the day to day, we cannot see above the corn stalks.

Grateful for experiences like this that help put real
life issues into simple perspectives to help remind me of ways I get tripped up as I build a business and family.

Hope it helps you as well.

Cory Carlson

Cory Carlson is passionate about connecting people to greater performance and more significant purpose. Cory's competency of extensive sales/marketing and team development mixed with character of helping people have greater impact allows him to transform businesses and their leadership. As the leader goes, so does the company...and home. Cory's professional experience includes being President of Sales for national contractor, interactions with private equity ownership, boardroom meetings, to sales call with sales personnel. Coaching experience ranges from one-on-ones with CEOs/Executives to team workshops/retreats. If looking for holistic growth, let's connect!