November 2, 2021 Cory Carlson

What is good for your marriage, career, and finances | Podcast Interview with Brian Holtz, COO of Compass

I work with a team that puts together the ‘show notes’ for each of the “Win at Home First” podcast episodes. Their job is to call out the ‘interesting’ parts of each episode.

Well, this week’s podcast episode with Brian Holtz has some of the most show bullets of any episode!!!!

The point being, it is a good one and packed with nuggets!

From Brian’s intentionality of how he leads at home.

From the incredible story of when he was in the Middle East fighting for our country, yet he was going through bankruptcy back home in the US!

From leaving corporate America to join a non-profit and a 50% salary reduction.

So much good wisdom!

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • Why treating your family like your co-workers improves your marriage and your relationship with your kids ([2:03]
  • The “Never Empty-Handed” approach that makes your wife feels appreciated ([6:46]
  • The service mindset shift that strengthens your marriage more than weekly date nights ([9:42]
  • Why taking a new job that pays half of your current salary makes you more fulfilled and closer to God (especially when making less money is scary) ([12:34]
  • How working from home can poison your marriage (and how to protect your marriage when you must work from home) ([17:48]
  • The single defining factor that determines if you’re a good husband and father or not ([21:43]
  • Why 30% of the 10 Commandments are about comparison (and how to stop comparing yourself to others so you can unlock joy and peace) ([25:24]
  • How to transform your most humiliating failures into a way to serve God and your community ([27:18]


Brian Holtz Bio

Brian Holtz is the Chief Operating Officer of Compass – finances God’s way, a global non-profit that helps Christians learn and apply Biblical financial principles.  In this role, he applies learnings from his 15 years of cross-functional corporate experience to ensure the most efficient and effective use of the resources God has provided.  In addition to his role at Compass, Brian also serves as Executive Director of First Baptist Church in Muscatine, Iowa. Brian was raised “going to church,” but walked away from God in his teenage years.  God called him back in his mid-20s around the time he met Erica, who had a similar story.

Married in 2007, they lived like most Americans do, not extravagantly but not intentionally.  In 2010, also like many Americans, the financial crisis led Brian and Erica, along with their newborn son, to turn in desperation to God for financial help and guidance.  He provided for them then and has continued to ever since.

Brian and Erica, along with their 4 children, Weston (12), Barrett (9), Rowan (5), and Eden (3), have learned to faithfully apply God’s principles to their lives and are passionate about helping others do the same.

Connect with Brian on LinkedIn or by email at If you’d like to learn more about Compass, you can visit their website here.  

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