October 19, 2020 Cory Carlson

What do your priorities say about you? | Podcast interview with Taylor Welch

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • How to show compassion to those around you without becoming a pushover ([4:33])
  • Why being needed as a leader is destroying your business ([6:33])
  • The surprising way your calendar predicts your success ([10:24])
  • How achieving your goals can make you miserable and how to bring meaning back to your life ([15:15])
  • Why “Sunk Cost Bias” keeps you from moving forward with your life and the mindset shift you need to break free ([15:45])
  • Why 10X-ing your business quickly leads to failure ([18:14])
  • A blindingly obvious sign that it’s time to move on from a questionable situation ([21:00])
  • What world-shaking events reveal about your life and business ([25:05])
  • The life-changing magic of giving in to those who can never pay you back ([29:45])

Taylor Welch Bio:

Taylor Welch is the CEO of Traffic And Funnels, author of 2 best selling books, international speaker, entrepreneur & creator of the #1 rated sales training program with thousands of clients trained globally (The SalesMentor).

Taylor has advised & serviced nearly 50,000 individual businesses worldwide and took his real estate investment company, Wealth Cap Holdings, from 0 to 8 figures in lightening speed with all 3 in-house brands producing multiple 8 figures of revenue in less than 5 years.

Get in touch with Taylor:


Instagram: @taylorawelch 

Facebook: @Taylorwelch

Taylor’s Daily Mind Medicine Podcast https://trafficandfunnels.com/dailymindmedicine/

Traffic and Funnels:

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Website: https://trafficandfunnels.com/


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