September 29, 2020 Cory Carlson

What are you doing to get away from the noise?

As leaders we need to make time to break away from the stress and day to day chaos.

To laugh with friends.
To not look at our iPhones.
To not stress about money.
To be grateful for all that we have.
To hear from God.
To slow down.
To hear what others are dealing with.
To learn from friends.
To break a sweat hiking.
To try new things.
To make space for creativity and insights.

Recently I went hiking and camping ⛺️ in the Mammoth Cave National Park with some buddies.

I needed this as it has been a long few months building the business.

Reality is my family and clients needed me to do this!

So I can come back recharged and with a full spiritual and emotional tank.

What about you?

What can you do to get away and take a break from the stress?

Maybe it is not a hiking trip but it is a staycation.
Maybe it is just taking a day off and playing golf.

In order to lead our home and work teams well, we need to get away.

I encourage you to put something in the schedule in the next 60 days to recharge.

Let me know what you plan to do!

I love hearing new ideas on how to recharge. Especially since I don’t want to hike/camp in freezing temps 🧊this winter – I need other ideas.

Cory Carlson

Cory Carlson is passionate about connecting people to greater performance and more significant purpose. Cory's competency of extensive sales/marketing and team development mixed with character of helping people have greater impact allows him to transform businesses and their leadership. As the leader goes, so does the company...and home. Cory's professional experience includes being President of Sales for national contractor, interactions with private equity ownership, boardroom meetings, to sales call with sales personnel. Coaching experience ranges from one-on-ones with CEOs/Executives to team workshops/retreats. If looking for holistic growth, let's connect!