September 28, 2021 Cory Carlson

Return of effort for decision making and a better way to listen | Podcast Interview with Cherylanne Skolnicki, founder of Brilliant Balance

A couple of years ago, I met this week’s podcast guest, Cherylanne Skolnicki, at a conference.

I was impressed with her energy and wisdom during her workshop, so I introduced myself afterwards and gave her a copy of my book.

To my surprise, she read it within the week and reached out for me to talk to the participants in her coaching program.

I jumped at the opportunity to work with her as she has been in the coaching business longer than I have, as well as runs a larger business.

Since then, I have met with her a couple of times and she has been ‘an open book’ sharing information to help me grow my business.

Two of the big moves I made in 2020 – launching a podcast and hiring a coach to help me grow – I got both of those ideas and connections from her.

Just like she has been with me in previous meetings, she is on this podcast for all of you.

An open book and willing to help.

Cherylanne shares a lot of wisdom that will help you with decision making, listening, handling your emotions, and so much more.

Check it out here.

Plus, she is a successful coach, so this is a free session!

In this episode, you’ll discover… 

  • How being a better listener helps you avoid verbal sparring matches in your home and work life ([4:32]
  • The “90-second emotional window” that helps you stop saying hurtful things you don’t mean to your family ([5:47]
  • The simple question to ask your kids that helps them create their own solutions to their problems instead of brushing you off with frustration ([7:40]
  • Why something as simple as sharing a cup of coffee with your spouse can be as effective as a well-planned date night ([10:36])
  • Jesus’s “Orbit Secret” that helps you cure the loneliness many entrepreneurs feel ([19:02]
  • The “Return on Effort” mindset shift that helps your business grow (without sacrificing your family time in the process) ([26:34]
  • How your fear devours your free time and forces you to work 80 hour weeks (and how to stop letting your fear control your life) ([29:33]
  • The “Taxi Schedule” trick that keeps your home life running like a well-oiled machine (even if you and your spouse both work full-time) ([36:46]

Cherylanne Skolnicki’s Bio

Cherylanne is the founder and CEO of the Brilliant Balance Company, and she’s on a mission to help all working moms feel like rock stars. From her early days at a Fortune 500 company to today, where she leads a vibrant community of women, she’s become a go-to expert and trusted advisor for women who want to get the most out of life.

Cherylanne is a sought after speaker, host of the top-rated Brilliant Balance podcast, and work life mentor to more than 150,000 women, from her vast podcast listenership and social media following to the clients she serves to get energized, be productive and feel fulfilled through her suite of coaching programs.

As an inspirational speaker, her clients have included Procter & Gamble, Ernst & Young, GE, Frito Lay, Kao Brands, Worldpay from FIS, The E.W. Scripps Company, US Bank, Fifth Third Bank, The Nielsen Company, Phillips Edison, and Emory University.

Cherylanne’s work and advice has been featured in The Huffington Post, Forbes, Authority Magazine, Cincy Chic and Women’s Day. She appears on TV news shows as an expert on work life balance, productivity, and purpose.

Cherylanne lives in Cincinnati with her husband John and their three children. Ella, a freshman and aspiring UN ambassador, is 15. Tucker, a studious, American Ninja Warrior-to-be, is 12. And Brooke, a high-spirited, pet loving, cartwheel queen, is 9. If you’d like to connect with Cherylanne Skolnicki, you can find her website here.

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